Hosting a Virtual Bob Ross Painting Party

Parties and social gatherings are far and few between these days which for kids can be hard.  For tweens apparently it is the end of the world.  Thank goodness for FaceTime, Zoom and Google Hangouts but even those after awhile can start to get boring.  That’s why I decided to spice things up for my daughter and her friends with a virtual Bob Ross Painting Party.

Please note this post is sponsored by Prime Party but all opinions are my own. I was compensated for this post and given free supplies, but if mama can pay the bills AND entertain the kids it’s a win win!

Kid painting dressed as Bob Ross

Fun Fact: Tweens Love Bob Ross

Who knew Bob Ross was such a hit with tweens?  I had seen my daughter making references to “happy little trees” and watching old episodes of The Joy of Painting on TV but when I mentioned Prime Party had reached out to me about hosting a virtual Bob Ross painting party she squealed “YES” immediately texted her friends and started planning.

Prime Party Bob Ross Party Packs For a Virtual Painting Party

Prime Party has themed kits for several styles of parties (Hello Golden Girls happy hour for mommy and friends) but Bob Ross Classic was my daughter and her friends preference.  The wonderful thing about hosting a virtual paint party is that you don’t have to live in the same town or even the same country.  You could play Bob Ross bingo with your cousin across the country or paint a snowcapped mountain virtually with your best friend two doors down.

Each kit comes with everything you need to host a party for 8.  Each person can order their own kit or you can do what we did and order one kit and then put together care packages for each guest.  From there you can mail your packages if your virtual Bob Ross painting party guests are far away or do a contactless doorstep delivery like we did.  Here is what we included in our deliveries…

Supplies for a Virtual Bob Ross Painting Party

Prime Party makes it really easy since everything comes in the handy dandy little kit.  There is even a Bob Ross party variation called Bob Ross and Friends where Bob his paints and a host of forest friends have been turned into friendly cartoons.

Deliver or Ship Bob Ross Painting Party Kits

We dropped off each care package on the doorsteps of my daughters friends the day before the party. Soon the pictures started rolling in of the girls with their care packages and modeling their iconic Bob Ross wigs. Again, if you wanted to host your own Bob Ross virtual painting party with friends or family far away just mail them the package in plenty of time so that they have everything they need for the scheduled Zoom call.

Here at home, never one to miss a chance to decorate for a party of any kind I set the scene for my daughter to host the party in my craft room.  Small easel, party supplies and of course a Bob Ross Life Sized Cardboard Cutout that I might honestly keep up forever well beyond hosting the virtual painting party.

The kit also comes with a banner that ready Happy Birthday if you wanted to host a virtual Bob Ross birthday party.  There are also easy to fold treat boxes in the kits which we included in the care packages holding paint brushes and more.

A large landscape painting covered table cloth was included.  As you can see I folded mine into more of a table runner as my workspace is already covered in paint.

My daughter also took it upon herself to make a batch of “happy little tree” cookies to snack on while she painted.

Kids having a virtual Bob Ross painting party on Zoom.

Virtual Painting Party Via Zoom

The girls had scheduled a party start time via Zoom so when the festivities kicked off their was some mugging for the camera in their wigs and blue button up shirts as their should be.  

There Is Even Bob Ross Bingo

Next I helped with a few rounds of Bob Ross Bingo.  Each girl had their own card and several bingo tokens.  I called out the cards from the game and the first winner got a small prize.  Prime Party also has a printable Bob Ross bingo set that you allows you to get the whole kit and caboodle in a jiffy with your home printer.

The kids had already picked which episode of The Joy of Painting they would be streaming together.  The settled in to paint their bridges together with a surprise painting reveal at the end of the party.  It’s important to note that the end result AKA your own painting is not the important part of this party – it’s the painting together and getting to hang out virtually in a structured party way.

The girls had so much fun chatting and planning their virtual Bob Ross painting party.  We are still not ready for in person parties or playdates over here so evenings like this one really help make a random Friday night extra special.  Perfect for a virtual play date for adults or kids, back to school party or any theme you can think of.

I’m already planning out the virtual Golden Girls happy hour I want to have with my own friends complete with caftans, cheesecake and of course bingo.





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