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Hello my name is Jennifer and I love Halloween crafts.  I love it so much I turn into that annoying person that goes completely overkill with baking, décor, and parties every October.  Nothing is safe from my Halloween decorating wrath come October – not even an outdoor playhouse.  I gave that plastic pad a Halloween playhouse makeover and now it looks more like a pint sized DIY haunted house!  Let me show you how.

Insert diabolical mad scientist like laughter here…


Actually, my kids did not mind the outdoor haunted house makeover.  They kinda loved it.  Find me a kid that does not love an outdoor club house – turn that into something extra fun like a Little Tikes Halloween playhouse and it is sure to be hit.  Mine even comes with decorations and patio seating!

halloween-playhouse teal chair

Home Spooky Home a Halloween Playhouse Makeover for Kids

I have been eyeballing some spooky playhouse projects on Pinterest all summer.  I’m not saying I came up with the original idea of spray-painting an old playhouse to transforming it into a spooky house—but I am saying that I added a few new funky spins on this Halloween classic that I am pretty smitten with. 

playhouse in a blue truck

Step 1 – Find a Little Tikes Plastic Playhouse to Makeover

You can find used Little Tikes playhouses on Craigslist for $60. Needless to say, you will need a truck to pick it up.  If your kids already have one you can give a Halloween playhouse makeover to, better yet!

P.S. A large cardboard box can easily be converted into something fun.  Just check out the log cabin I made for my kid’s lumberjack party.

plastic kids playhouse

Step 2 – Choose Your Playhouse Makeover Paint

Decide on a color theme for your outdoor haunted house.  Black was an obvious choice for a Halloween playhouse makeover.  I did choose some orange for the door and shutters, ya know a little pop of color.

Tip: If you are using a plastic outdoor playhouse uou will need spray paint specific for plastic.  

spray painting a playhouse

Step 3 – Tape Off The Haunted Playhouse

Tape off the areas you do not want to paint, and get your Banksy on. After the black paint had dried, I went back in with house paint and did the windows and the door in orange.

Tip: If your paint is not sticking you may need to lightly sand the plastic first.

inside a kid's Halloween playhouse

Step 4 – Chalkboard Paint Makes Everything More Fun Even Haunted Playhouses 

Don’t forget the inside of the house! I painted the inside with chalkboard paint.  I used Plaid brand and it was super easy.   I need two coats for full coverage.  Follow the package instructions on conditioning your chalk paint.  Most brands recommend lightly covering the entire surface with chalk dust after it dries completely.

P.S. Check out this pretend play chalkboard covered snow cone stand for kids.

inside of a haunted house for kids

Step 5 – Accessorize Your New Halloween Playhouse

Accessorize the haunted playhouse with bowls of chalk, a few spider webs and maybe a pumpkin or two (or three).  It is after all a halloween playhouse for kids, why not let them help accessorize.

Little Tikes playhouse with a Halloween makeover

Step 6 – Set the Spooky Scene 

I wanted to set the yard up around the house, so I threw in some plastic pumpkins, a small chair, and a throw pillow. The roof and neighboring trees were draped with spiderwebs.  Ahhh home spooky home.

P.S. Why not make your own DIY Halloween throw pillows.

Little girl in a Halloween costume

I love how the playhouse Halloween makeover turned out, but I think my kids and their friends love it even more.  Needless to say it was a big hit at my annual Halloween party.

Halloween-patio-playhouse and porch

The outdoor haunted house just ties the whole back porch together.  Sitting on the patio you can look out and see the Halloween playhouse and it just fits right in with all the other Halloween decorations.  I’m thinking next I need to a Halloween She Shed Makeover for myself.  

Kids playhouse makeover with a Halloween theme.

Watcha think?  Do you have an old playhouse hanging around in the backyard that the kids have quit playing with?  Halloween not your jam?  What about converting the playhouse into a gingerbread house for Christmas.

That gives me an idea!


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