Hexagon Shelf How-To


I love hexagons – whether in a honeycomb, on a quilt, or —in this case— as a wall shelf.  I have this thing for DIY Home Decor in case you have not heard.  Bringing the hexagon trend to your humble abode is easier than you might think. New shelving awaits you in the gift box department of your local Target.



12 hexagonal gift boxes (I got mine at Target, though they’re not sold online)
12 hexagonal mirrored tiles (mine came from Ikea)
12 pieces of double-sided wall mounting tape
That’s it—really


Arrange your gift boxes in the pattern of your choice.  Remove the lids and set aside for another project.


Remember that you have hexagonal wall mirrors from Ikea that you bought on an impulse and knew you would get around to using someday.

Using double-sided wall mounting tape, attach a gift box to the center of each mirror. Take a picture of the arrangement on your phone to use for reference.


On the wall where you want to mount your shelves, mark the center spot. Start mounting your mirrors to the wall, starting from the center and moving out, looking back at the photo you took if you need to. The Ikea mirrors came with their own wall-mounting stickers.


Fill your groovy new shelves with small trinkets and bask in their glory.

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20 Responses to “Hexagon Shelf How-To”

  1. Jeanine

    BAM!! This is a seriously hot project! I have been searching for sometime now, for a DIY supplies solution for some kids littles. I also wanted it to be something with hexagons: You Did It!! Thank you for sharing this. Our Canadian Target doesn’t compare by even a tad to US stores; so I will have to head to our IKEAs for all pieces. Thanks again ;D

  2. Leah

    Hi, I love this!! I want to make it, or at least something similar… I can’t find the gift boxes at either of my local Targets, and I was thinking that I’d just order some paper mâché ones online and dress them up with metallic washi tape or something. But I have a question: what are the approximate dimensions of the gift boxes? I’d like to get a similar size to yours, if possible!


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