Hells Bells I’m Feeling Cells! A Few of My Favorite Etsy Prints

Are they molecules, honeycombs, bubbles, blood cells? Whatever they are I am seeing them everywhere and having health class text book flashbacks. Not just becuase of the pictures inside but because I was a compulsive bubble doodler. I would draw circles, cirlces, circles inside of those circles and more circles. So there is also something soothing and familar about the art. Our first example is by Eek Designs and is called Death of Cells.

To celebrate my new found love of this pattern I am doing a synchronized Naughty Secretary Club and Badassical post with different examples. I am finding the pattern on everything from pottery to prints.

Honeycomb Madness Ring by XOXOXO, Two Teas Print by Betsy Walton and Radiolaria Necklace by Nervous System.

Magenta Owl Digital Painting by Ashely White Jacobsen, Honeycomb Glass Pendant by Potek Glass and Honeycomb Painting on Wood by Super Veronica.

Milkweed Necklace by Broken Fingers Art, Cell Spectrum Painting by Kristin Brenneman and Bouquet Ring by Broken Fingers Art.

Cellular Lariat Necklace by Beth Pohlman, Spermie by Wilson Hsu and Bright Two Leaves Pendant by Alisa Miller.

Hexagon Card Set by Red Red Orange, Red Hex Bracelet by XOXOXO and Honeycomb Necklace 2 by Block Party Press.

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  1. Marilyn

    Pretty much all of them, I wasn’t referring to a particular one. It’s just a crazy design for the neck. 🙂


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