Hawaiian Shirt Onesie How-To Complete with Flower Lei

Just because you can’t afford to take your family to Hawaii this summer does not mean you can’t dress like you took a deluxe vacation.  Get that fresh off the plane look for your kids with this adorable DIY Hawaiian shirt onesie complete with lei.  Perfect for a luau without even leaving your own backyard!

Tie-Dye Hawaiian Onesie

Baby boy Hawaiian shirt onesies – is there anything cuter!?!  Little girls would also be adorable in this tie-dye onesie. Don’t stop there, make some T-shirt versions for the older kids.  Heck I’d wear one.

Hawaiian Shirt One Supplies

  • Onesie
  • Tie-Dye
  • Flower appliques
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue or tape.

If your onesie is brand new you will need to wash it first. Pick your favorite tie-dye pattern and color combination from the kit and whip up a batch DIY onesies.  You could also completely skip the tie-dye step and add the flower appliqué lei to a plain onesie.

Tie-Dye Hawaiian Onesie

You can get a lei on your DIY Hawaiian onesie several different ways.  You could use fabric paint to add flowers.  Perhaps you have some floral iron on patches.  I opted to use a tropical floral fabric and create an appliqué.

Cut out the flowers for the lei from fabric.  Place the flowers onto the tie-dye onesie in the pattern of a necklace.  Use fabric glue, fabric tape or iron on adhesive backing to attach the flowers to the onesie.

DIY tie-dye onesie with a Hawaiian theme and lei.

Now all you need is an invite to a pool party or luau this summer and your outfit is ready!  


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