Haunt the Halls with Washi Tape this Halloween


The wonders of washi tape never cease.  Plain decorations are instantly given Halloween flair with a few rolls of Scotch Brand Washi Tape.  Over on DIY Network I have a post called Halloween Party Decorations Made From Washi Tape.

How to make fringed washi tape party hats.

Did you know with a pair of scissors and some wax paper you can make washi tape fringe and polka dots.  Boom, I know my crafty mind was blown too.  These plain Jane party hats are suddenly customized!


Goodie bags go next level with tape.  Even those cute clothespins got the washi treatment.  Think of the possibilities.  Brown lunch sacks are no longer safe.

Makeover a cupcake wrapper with washi.

Be sure to check out the full post on DIY Network.  Looking for more Halloween fun with washi tape?  Keep reading.


Half pumpkins get the stripe treatment with washi tape on my Candy Corn Halloween Tree.  They look fabulous on my hot pink Halloween tree too!

Teal pumpkin project with washi tape.

I’m a big fan of the Teal Pumpkin Project.  This pumpkin I made for DIY Network is one of my faves!

How do you haunt the halls with washi?

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