Happy Halloween!

Here is some of my friend’s handy work from Erin’s pumpkin carving party. Pretty sweet stuff. Check out Courtney’s rendition of Erin’s dog Harriet. Mark did a tribute to the Astros because this picture was taken when we were still in the running for the World Series. Hope of course did Easy E on her pumpkin. Chris carved our finally pumpkin down at the bottom with a big nose. Wanna see pictures from the festivities? I made home made black bean and pumpkin soup.

So it is Halloween and it is raining like cats and dogs here in Austin. Tina is having a pot luck tonight so I will brave the storm. I am going as Hope and Hope is going as me. Not sure how we are going to do it besides Hope is covering her arm in fake tattoos.

Walked with Erin this morning and then went to see Vickie who just returned this weekend from her stint in Los Angeles filming the latest season of Knitty Gritty. Vickie is such a sweetie to me I was looking at all the pictures from the shoot and she was wearing tons of Naughty Secretary Club jewelry. Then she has a full page write up on pillows in the current issue of Budget Living and in the picture from her bio she is wearing Naughty Secretary Club Revamped Vintage Earrings and a Revamped Vintage Brooch. Plus she plugged the Austin Craft Mafia and Stylelicious. Then she is in a new book called Celebrity Scarves 2 and she is wearing one of my Revamped Vintage Rings on not one but two pages! Plus the book got a review in Vogue Knitting and they used her picture which means the ring is in there too. Oh how I love to see my jewelry smiling back at me from the pages of magazines.

So Ok I better go think deep “What Would Hope Wear” thoughts for tonight.

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