Handmade Stocking Stuffers – Day 4 Recycled Board Book Cart Cards

After chopping up an old board book to make lacing cards I got to thinking about ways I could use some of the books in our library that were falling apart.

Laying on the couch staring at me as I was thinking these deep thoughts was a set of Tallulah’s flash cards. I punch holes in them, put a hole reinforcer on the hole and put them all on a plastic link. If you are forever picking up flashcards I highly recommend it to keep the cards together. Also with the link I can attach the cards to the stroller or cart cover to keep Tallulah busy.

That’s when I started thinking about making some of the boards books with broken spines into cart cards. Most board books are already the perfect small size. Use scissors to trim up the edges. Make holes in the corners of the pages using either a Crop-a-Dile like I did or a drill. You can also add Paper Glaze to the edges to help the pages from splitting.

You have no idea how handy these cart cards were today as we waited in the longest line ever at Costco. Ya I know that is cheating since I didn’t put them in a stocking, but it was an emergency and a toddler breakdown was narrowly adverted thanks to my new invention! These will also clip right on to her stroller for more alphabet practice on the go.

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