Handmade in Hollywood

Since Santa brought me a Roku Chris and I have been enjoying watching oodles of movies and TV on demand. During the day while Tallulah naps I have been watching Lost. At night Chris and I watch Dead Like Me. Dead Like Me was a short lived program on Showtime about grim reapers. On a recent episode I spotted a little crafting action. Apparently even grim reapers like to Scrapbook. No wonder it is such a booming business.

The main charcter George in Dead Like Me is invited to join a Scrapbook group at her job.

Initially she is not happy about the invite and the groups perky scrapbook pages, but eventually she finds her inner Michael DeMeng style and settles in.

A few episodes later I caught a little knitting action. A crafty show indeed.

3 Responses to “Handmade in Hollywood”

  1. LesleyD

    I love Dead Like Me!! I wish they were still putting out episodes. That is one clever show and soooo hilarious as the season goes on.

  2. KeLLy aNN

    It was a sad, sad day in TV Land when they canceled the series…
    MOST especially since they didn't even have the courtesy to finish up all those burning questions!

    The Toilet Tree was probably my favorite "art" piece in the show.

  3. Cheryl

    My BFF has just started watching this and has encouraged me to do so. How can I turn it down now since I started out a scrapbooker and ended up a crafty neurotic!


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