Handmade in Hollywood

Here we are with our second installment of Handmade in Hollywood, where we do craft spotting on the big screen. You might recall my fascination with suitcase conversions. There was my laptop case made from a suitcase, my suitcase craft room storage – heck I even did a round-up of my favorite suitcase conversions from the blogosphere.

That being the case when I saw suitcase shrines being made in the movie White Oleander I was pretty giddy with excitement.

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  1. Debra

    I remember when I saw the move White Oleander I thought that those shrines were so neat that's one of my favorite scences in the movie. I loved those shrines each one told apart of her life. That was such a good movie. I'm going to go thrifting and get me a couple I know for earring displays and hopefully who knows a shrine.

    Thank you


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