Halloween Typography – 7 Ways to Say Spooky


Marquee letters with lights, oversized cardboard letters, spelling in string art – people sure have a crafty way with words.  Halloween is no exception.  Whether you buy ready made words, banners and buntings with sayings or spell out BOO in your own way there are lot’s of ways to say Happy Halloween!


I’m a sucker for banners and buntings.  I have so many in Halloween theme I have to rotate them out yearly.  You can never wrong with a good old fashioned triangle pennant saying ‘Trick or Treat’.


I love styling my bookshelves for the holidays.  Each month brings a different theme, new picture frames and on certain holidays glittery words.


If you can’t find a banner that says what you want, make your own.  One of my earliest collections was of black cats.  Just so happens to work out well with my Halloween obsession.  That being said a banner that says ‘Hiss’ is perfect for me.


Giant letters, small banners, kitty bowties and more.  When it comes to Halloween less is not always more.  Quite the opposite.


Even a well style sassy, classy and brassy etagere can get the Halloween treatment.  How did I go the entire Halloween season not realizing the word ‘Spooky’ was on these shelves twice?  Makes me twitch now, but at the time I think I was focused more on color theme.


Last but not least, don’t forget giant letters that you can move, hold and touch.  I painted this giant BOO for my Photo Booth last year and as you can see they make the perfect prop.

So how will you say Happy Halloween this year?

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