The Halloween Spoon and Egg Race is On

I heard you needed some fresh ideas for your Halloween party, fall festival or school carnival.  True or false?  Never fear, I’m here for you with a fun witchy version of a Halloween spoon and egg race.   No real messy eggs here either, these wooden eggs are painted to look like kitschy red headed witches.  Grab your wooden spoons and let’s make ourselves a DIY Halloween party game shall we.

Girl playing a spoon and egg race Halloween game

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go – Halloween Spoon and Egg Race

This DIY egg and spoon relay race is part of a round-up of Halloween kid’s party games I wrote for DIY Network.  I’m especially fond of these fun red headed witches, because you know how my heart goes pitter patter for kitschy crafts and purple eyeshadow.  If you need more Halloween game ideas might I suggest…

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Wooden spoons painted with eggs that look like witches

Supplies for Making a DIY Spoon and Egg Race

  • Wooden spoons
  • Craft paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint pens
  • Wooden eggs
  • Green yarn (optional)

These supplies are just suggestions for decorating your wooden spoons and eggs.  If you want to add gem stones, googly eyes, give your witches blue eyeshadow instead of purple – do it!  The yarn is optional but it looks cute and also acts like a grip on the handles of the wooden spoons.

Kids Halloween party and a spoon and egg race

How to Make a Halloween Spoon and Egg Race

This is about to get really complicated so stay with me here.  Step 1 – paint your wooden spoons.  Step 2 – paint your wooden eggs.  If you need to take a break now I completely understand.

Really it is that easy though.  A spoon and egg relay race is just kids trying to carry their egg on a spoon across a distance without breaking it.  Since these eggs are wooden even if they drop it there is no breakage.

P.S. If you wan to try making some creepy DIY castarones that is another fun option for the Halloween egg and spoon race.  Traditionally an Easter craft these hollowed out confetti eggs are fun any time of the yea.

Black cat Halloween container holding painted eggs and spoons

Accessorizing Your Egg and Spoon Game 

Once the eggs and spoons are painted you can go back in and add as much detail as you like.  My witches kinda look like they put their lipstick on in the dark, but whatever that is kinda what I love about them.

If you want to add yarn to the handles of your wooden spoon craft attach with craft glue.  Start at one end of the spoon and section by section add glue and wrap.  Allow to dry completely.

Halloween spoon and egg race for kids

How to Have a Spoon and Egg Race

All that is left to do is let the kids play.  Line participants up with their painted wooden spoons.  Mark off where the finish line will be.  Give each player a painted witch egg.  Ready, set, go…. whoever makes it to the end first is the winner.  

You could also turn this Halloween game into a egg and spoon relay race.  Have teammates waiting at the finish line.  Pass the egg to the next player and go back to the start.



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  1. Kelly Brown

    What a fun fantastic idea! wish I came across this earlier, would have been a cute and perfect activity for my daughters birthday party.


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