DIY Halloween Sock Spiders – Perfect For Your Web Toss Game

Looking for some kid’s Halloween party ideas?  Need a few fall festival games?  PTA put you in charge of the Halloween carnival?  It can be a lot of pressure keeping the costumed whipper snappers entertained.  I know from experience.   A fun Halloween party game that is always a hit around my house is an easy spider web toss.  Ya know what goes perfectly with that game?  DIY Halloween sock spiders.

How to make foam spiders for a Halloween spider web toss game.

Each Halloween party I try to think of new fun ways to entertain all the kids.  I am sharing some fun kid’s party ideas including this Spider Web Toss Game over on DIY Network.  No hula hoop spider web is complete without a recycled DIY Halloween sock spider.  We all have stray socks hanging around, let’s finally put them to good use!

DIY Halloween Sock Spiders – Perfect For Your Web Toss Game

These sock spiders are fun Halloween decorations even if you never intend to use them as part of a game.  I’ve put mine in Halloween trees, perched them on shelves and obviously used them as part of a spider web Halloween game.  These DIY sock spiders are also a great Halloween craft project for kids.  Hand over the supplies and let them make their own.

Supplies For Making a DIY Halloween Sock Spider

  • Socks (for once those socks without a mate are handy)
  • Craft glue
  • Googley eyes
  • Foam balls
  • Craft felt
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Felt


Step 1 – Use a Foam Ball as the Head of Your Spider

Stuff your styrofoam ball into the toe of your sock.  Make sure that the ball is large enough to fill out the toe and form the head of your Halloween sock spider.  

Halloween spider web toss game.

Step 2 – Separate the Head and Legs of Your DIY Halloween Spider

Using a ribbon, yarn or pipe cleaner cinch the sock right below the foam ball.  This will give the sock spider the effect of having a head.

Step 3 – Make the DIY Spider Legs

Cut the long part of the sock into 8 equal sections.  Stretch the fabric to elongate the spider legs.  This will also coil the edges giving them an extra spooky spider effect.

How to make a spiderweb toss game for a kid's Halloween party.

Step 4 – Add a Face to Your Halloween Spider Craft

Using craft felt, googley eyes and glue give your spider a face.  Remember these are for a kid’s Halloween party game so don’t make them too scary.  Better yet, let the kids decorate the sock spiders themselves!

Silly spider made from a sock with googly eyes sitting on a hula hoop made to look like a web

Am I right or what?  The DIY sock spiders really make the game!  Pop over to DIY Network to learn more about making your own Hula Hoop Spider Web Game.


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