Craft Some Creepy Cobra Snake Ornaments for Your Halloween Tree

Did you know you can squirt hot glue into silicone molds for some DIY fun?  Not just that green hot glue and snake molds.  Talk about the start of an amazing Halloween tree ornament.

Halloween tree with hand painted ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

The folks at Plaid sent me a Mod Melter and these molds and I was pumped to try these babies out.  Clearly I went straight for the snakes since it’s October and all.  Put those snakes onto a felt flower, add some purple leaves and maybe a pompom or two and great things are about to happen for your Halloween tree.

Halloween decorations by Jennifer Perkins

I also added some ornaments I painted (Jennifer Perkins Art) because ya know, why not.  The witch legs and paper streamers finish things off and accent the snakes nicely.  Oh ya the snakes, I’ll quit blabbing and get to the DIY portion of our program.

Filling mod meter with green glue.

Like I said I used a tool called a Mod Melter that Plaid sent me.  They have a whole series of different molds and different color glues.  Really it is a super duper hot glue melter that makes everything pour into these molds super easy.  I might decorate a fall tree just to have an excuse to use that stag mold.

Snake Mod Melters for Halloween ornaments.

Fill the mold, wait a few minutes until your glue is not molten lava then pop it out and start again.  Wash, rinse, repeat until you have all the snakes you want.

Hot glue gun snake flowers for Halloween by Jennifer Perkins

What you apply these snakes to is totally up to you.  These orange felt flowers came from a Cinco de Mayo crown I tour apart, the purple leaves are Christmas decorations and well you know I don’t do anything without pompoms being involved.  The point is the snakes are the important part of this DIY, what you put them on is up for creative interpretation. 

DIY Halloween tree ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

I used regular old hot glue to combine all the pieces into one Halloween tree ornament. I don’t usually add hangers to a lot of my DIY ornaments because I’m a big fan of nestling things into the branches as opposed to hanging things on branches.  That’s just how I roll.

Jennifer Perkins house decorated for Halloween.

The bigger the tree the more you will need to make.  I put mine on the tall skinny medium tree.  When you have as many Halloween trees as I do you have to make a lot of ornaments to decorate them with.  What would you put your snakes on?

DIY Creepy Cobra Snake Halloween Tree Ornaments by Jennifer Perkins

***Please note this was originally a sponsored post on another website and also Plaid Crafts gave me these tools for free.  Either way all opinions are my own and I like glue snakes.***


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