Tips and Tricks for Making DIY Rainbow Halloween Crayons

Want to really up your game this Halloween?  I’m talking be the coolest house on the block, throw the best party and be room parent of the year.  Make some DIY rainbow Halloween crayons.  These fun treats never get old and every parent needs as many melted crayon ideas as they can get to use up those scraps in the bottom of the craft box.

Multi-colored melted crayons in bone shapes

Halloween Rainbow Crayons Tips and Tricks

I’ve made quiet a few DIY muffin tin crayons in my life.  I’m a sucker for any rainbow craft and homemade crayons are no exception.  Through these crayon melting escapades I’ve learned a thing or two.

Before I dive into serious issues like how all crayons are not created equal, let’s get the basics of DIY rainbow crayons out of the way.

Step 1 – Take off Crayon Wrappers

Step 2 – Break up Crayons Into Bits

Step 3 – Fill Muffin Tins With Crayon Parts

Step 4 – Bake In Oven at 200(ish) for around 15 minutes

Step 5 – Cool, remove from tin and color

Crayons laying on a Halloween baking tin

OK onto to those hot burning DIY crayon making tips and tricks…

All Crayons Are Not Created The Same

I am all about taking the cheap way out for most things, but I am a firm believer in Crayola brand crayons make the best DIY melted rainbow crayons.  Disregard the generic crayons seen above.  Some crayons quickly melt into a muddy puddle, also avoid washable crayons at all costs.

Don’t Over Melt The Crayons

Keep a close eye on the temperature of your oven and how long you melt your crayons.  Every oven and toaster oven are slightly different.  If you over melt colors will bleed together no matter what type of crayon you use.

Also, be careful using silicone molds.  Take it from someone who had to throw away a toaster oven.

Rainbow crayons in Halloween shapes

The Smaller the Pieces of Broken Crayon the Better

I like my melted crayons extra colorful and you get that look using as many small bits as possible.  The smaller the pieces and the more random the colors in each muffin the better your DIY rainbow crayon will be.

Mix Light and Dark Crayons Together

Speaking of random try to include a good mix of lights and darks when melting crayons.  I even go so far as to strategically place crayons next to each other.  Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Broken crayons in a muffin tin

Line the Cookie Sheet

I had an unfortunate incident at my old house making DIY rainbow crayons and forever after the oven smelled oh so slightly of crayons.  Line a cookie sheet with foil and then place your mold on top of that to protect from any spills.

Do Not Move The Melted Crayons Too Much

When you take the liquid crayons out of the oven DO NOT MOVE them around them too much.  Gently remove them from the oven and sit them on the counter.  Do not move them again until they are completely cooled.  Too much jiggle while everything is liquid can muddle the colors.

Halloween rainbow crayons in different shapes

Have you made DIY crayons with your family?  Any other tips and tricks that you guys swear by?  I’d love to hear about them.

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9 Responses to “Tips and Tricks for Making DIY Rainbow Halloween Crayons”

  1. KeLLy aNN

    LoVe it! I never thought to mold crayons like that…all I ever did was make candles with them!
    Diggin the Crafty Chica iron ons..
    haven't done that in a while.

  2. Saundra

    I JUST found racecar muffin tins in a bag of miscellaneous stuff someone gave me — I can't wait to make crayons for my boys! Thanks!

  3. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Saundra – good luck! Muffin tins come in all shapes and sizes so the fun ideas are endless. Also I saw a big bag of crayon bits at the thrift store yesterday so check there. I got mine at Big Lots.

    I'm trying to think of a way to use candy molds. They come in such cute shapes, but they are plastic so the oven idea is out. I wonder about some sort of make shift double broiler or

  4. KeLLy aNN

    We're talking early 70s here…
    We would just melt the crayons, on the stove, like in a pie pan, lol,
    not recommended today! I remember we used some type of string wick, set up our container, and poured. I cannot remember though, how well they burned…it would be a cool project to test it today. I do recall a family friend who had a rainbow one; that was awesome!

    this is

  5. KeLLy aNN

    If you use the candy molds, you may have to melt your wax, set mold on top of ice/water mixture, and then pour into molds. Def check test by dropping a bit of the melted wax on a corner of the mold, both without the ice and one with the ice to see if it melts it.

  6. Amber Dawn

    oh gracious. I told myself just this week that I was going to stick to the supplies I have on hand ……but now I MUST go out and find some of these tins. Great job! Hope your party is a blast.

  7. giddy girlie

    Do you have a candy thermometer? Use it to check the temperature of your melted crayon wax. Some of those candy molds can withstand pretty high heats – this site says that all of theirs have a max temperature range of 110-140 ( But if you have sugar molds, those can withstand really high heats, up around 300.

    Crayola says their crayons melt at


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