Halloween Party Goodie Bag Buffet


No party is complete without a goodie bag.  I don’t care if the party is for a birthday, anniversary or Halloween.  People appreciate, and kids expect, a goodie bag.  This year for my annual Boo bash I decided to create a goodie bag buffet with the help of Oriental Trading Company (Sponsored post).


Funny before Oriental Trading contacted me about this post I had every intention of ordering Halloween loot from them.  I’m a big fan of the Teal Pumpkin Project (here are a few teal pumpkins for inspiration on DIY Network and I Love to Create) since my son has a peanut allergy.  Nothing is worse than leaving a party with him in tears because he couldn’t have the things in the pinata or because he can’t have the goodie bag due to what is inside.  Don’t even get me started on trick-or-treating.  I appreciate peanut free treats and better yet small toys and crafts in place of candy more than you know.


Oriental Trading has all kinds of fun stuff  for Halloween that will make every kid with or without allergies happy.  My idea for this year’s Halloween party was to fill bowls with treats and let each guest choose a few things to stick in their bag.  I’m not saying some peanut free candy might not make it to the buffet or in the piñata, but primarily I am a big fan of giving crafts not candy for Halloween.


A few of my favorites on the buffet include Halloween crayons, stickers, stamper rings, fang whistles and sticky pumpkins.  My kids love those sticky slappy things.  Another bonus is that most everything comes in bulk.  There will be plenty left from my order to include in a piñata and pass out at Halloween.


My favorite thing are these custom Halloween pencils I ordered with my kids names.  Perfect for all their school friends that come to the party.  They will be like celebs!


So now I have my house completely decorated, goodie bag buffet in place and deep freeze full of baked goods.  All that is left is to order costumes!

***This post was sponsored by Oriental Trading Company.  I was compensated with free product, but all opinions are my own.***

8 Responses to “Halloween Party Goodie Bag Buffet”

  1. Jenn

    Ooooh, so very awesome and festive! Such a fun Halloween idea!

    Thanks for sharing (and linking up to the last SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  2. Nicole

    I’m sure the goodie bag buffet was a huge hit at Halloween! Fun idea for the kids. Thanks for linking up at the #HomeMattersParty. Hope to see you at this week’s party, the door is open Friday at midnight EST.


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