Halloween Party Game Favorites – Witch Bowling

Witch Bowling for Halloween.

Looking for some Halloween Games and Activities for a Children’s Halloween Party?  Your in luck.  I have a slew of them on the DIY Network blog right now including witch bowling.


You will need 10 plastic bottles of San Pellegrino.  Their green color and shape were perfect for this project.  Plus, I am addicted to sparkling water like the rest of suburbia so it worked out.  Use Goo be Gone to get the labels off and then wrap the top half in yarn to look like a witch hat.

How to make a witch bowling game from empty bottles.

Using my paint pens I added faces to my witches.  All 10 of them.

Witch bowling Halloween game.

Add a few rocks into your bottles to weigh them down and then glue a pompom on top.  No really glue it, not just sit it on there like I did.  See those pompoms flying in this action shot?  Line the pins up, give the kids a lightweight ball and get that Halloween party started.

Tray another spin on this fun game with Ghost Bowling!  Here is a how-to video I did for HGTV showing you everything you need to know.  Don’t forget to check out all the other fun Halloween Party Games on DIY Network including a matching Witch Tent and Ikea Hack Checkerboard.

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