Halloween Party Game Favorites – Witch Bowling for the Win!

You can only play pin the fangs on Dracula or whack a readymade ghost piñata so many times.  Need some fresh DIY Halloween party game ideas?  I got you covered.  More than covered actually -pick your poison: Make Your Own Monster Blocks, Spooky Spoon and Egg Race or how about a Halloween Bowling Game?  Watch the recycled witch bottles tumble with this fun lawn bowling game for kids.  Sure to be the hit of your Halloween party or fall festival.

Witch Bowling for Halloween and purple ball

Halloween Party Games for Kids

I consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to Halloween party games for kids.  I learned a long time ago to look at children’s parties like circuit training at the gym.  Keep the kids moving, entertained and always on to the next activity.  Unless you want bored kids, a wrecked house or a dud of a party.  Check out all these Halloween Games and Activities for a Children’s Halloween Party over on the DIY Network including this fun witch themed Halloween bowling game.


Supplies for Halloween Bowling Game Witches

  • 10 Plastic bottles of San Pellegrino (or some other green tinted bottle)
  • Black yarn
  • Paint markers
  • Glue
  • 10 Pompoms
  • Gravel

Step 1 – Clean the Bottles

Soak your bottles in warm soapy water.  This should remove most if not all of the labels.  If you still have trouble use something like Goo be Gone to get the sticky stuff off.  Rinse out the bottles and allow them dry completely.

Plastic Bottle Bowling Tip…

Be sure to go check out my DIY Lawn Gnome Bowling Game.  There is more detail about removing stubborn bottle labels.

witch bowling game from empty bottles for Halloween

Step 2 – Put a Face On Your Bowling Pin Witches

If you are an amazing artist go crazy and make those witch faces super complicated and full of details.  If you are like me and know that kids are going to be flinging balls at this Halloween bowling game you will go with a more basic witch face.  Or should I say resting witch face since these ladies have their eyes closed.  Anyway, you do you.  I gave mine red hair and pink cheeks.

P.S. If you like these red headed Halloween witch bowling pins then you are going LOVE this Ikea Hack Witch Tent over on DIY Network.  

Step 3 – Give Your DIY Witch Bowling Pins a Hat

Using black yarn make a hat for your witches.  You could also paint a black hat on the top.  Yarn just gives them more texture.  Coat the top portion of the soda bottles with craft glue a bit at a time and wrap with yarn.  Might I suggest black yarn with sparkle so your witches are extra fancy.  Allow to dry completely.  

Step 4 – Fill the Halloween Bowling Pins with Gravel

Using a funnel if you need fill the bottom couple of inches of the DIY bowling game with gravel.  This will make the pins stand up better and also give them a bit of weight which will make it feel more like a legit game of lawn bowling.  Everyone wants their lawn bowling too legit to quit right?  Duh, of course you do.  Screw the lids back on and put a pompom on top.

Everything is better with a pompom – even a Halloween bowling game.

Child playing a witch halloween bowling game

Let the Good Times Roll – Time to Play a Round of Halloween Bowling

Line the pins up just like you would a normal bowling game.  You can play on a sidewalk or in cut grass for some lawn bowling fun.  Use a lightweight ball, not a real bowling ball silly.  Tell the kids to have it.  The fun will last for about 3.4 minutes until they are bored and ready for the next Halloween game.  Be prepared with a Halloween slime making station, an Ikea hack checkerboard or an outdoor haunted house for kids.

What are your kid’s favorite Halloween party games?

Child playing a round of Halloween lawn bowling


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