Halloween Inspiration

I’m still giddy with afterglow from this past weekend’s Maker Faire and now today I see that the Craft Magazine blog has mentioned my Halloween videos I did for HGTV!

You can check out the videos on HGTV or on You Tube. Thanks tons to my buddy Rachel for writing about the webisodes. I agree with her Craft Zine review, I heart the faux tattoo sleeves (although I found it amusing I had to cover my own in the videos) you might also recognize the Cowgirl Hat Headband in the same webisode. Shout out to Monica Burnett for the fun crocheted headband I am wearing in the picture.

I need to re-watch some of the videos as I have a pumpkin carving party to attend this weekend with prizes involved. To make things fair I sent all the other guests a link to the video and pre-warned them that I am now skilled in the art of pumpkin shaving, using Dremel Tools on pumpkins and would not be afraid to bust out the Collage Pauge and do a little sparkly decoupage action on my pumpkin.

3 Responses to “Halloween Inspiration”

  1. giddygirlie

    I made one of your tiny cowboy hats, only I used a smaller one (the 2nd smallest that Michael’s carries) that is actually a sun hat type of shape. I bent up the sides and flattened down the top and it held the shaps of a cowboy hat pretty well. I added on a ribbon trim and then sewed it to barrettes (headbands give me headaches). I look totally ridiculous and all day long, people were

  2. Alexa

    They have tiny John Deere trucker cap ornaments at Walmart. Like the real thing, just tiny. They would make a hilarious headband as well.


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