Halloween in the Rear View

It’s making me a little sad that it is time to take my Halloween decorations down. I thought before everything went back to it’s home in the attic I would show you a few pictures of my casa in full Halloween glory. I had a few pics on my post about Halloween tables and vignettes, but oh believe me there is more. Lot’s more.

Atop my TV between candy jars of shot gun shells and jelly beans lives the little pumpkin couple I picked up at Round Top this year.

If anyone out there listened to my segment on Martha Stewart Radio earlier this month you might remember me talking about switching out your everyday home furnishings for the holidays. I even sub out pictures on shelves and on the walls. They are not bolted down so why not.

I’m completely smitten on the giant crepe paper balls I picked up at Round Top this year! The fold up for easy storage which is also an added bonus.

I have the smallest kitchen in the world so my decorating was minimal. I have a Halloween addition to my cookie jar collection every fall handmade by my grandmother. Goodwill was busting at the seams with all of Target’s last years Halloween decorations, so my fridge reaped the benefits. Above the kitchen sink I have some fun vintage crepe paper decorations I picked up at Round Top this year. There is also a toned down version of my Blocks That Go Boo how-to project.

If you have kids you gotta keep them in mind as you decorate. A silly hat for the panda toy box, Halloween board books and Dr and Nurse cut outs. Make your own milk carton haunted house right here.

This year the Halloween cheer even spilled over into the front yard with shopping carts full of pumpkins, birdcage planters with ravens and an array of plastic buckets.

I rotate the decorations, knick-knacks and seasonal goodies in this big book shelf regularly.

I have already started packing everything away for next year. Is it weird that I am going to pull down my Christmas decorations when I put these away. Who are we kidding, I’m not moving anything. I mean is it weird I am going to Chris to take my Christmas decorations down. I don’t have any Thanksgiving decorations and I’m hosting Christmas this year for the fam so I feel like I need to get a jump start on decorating. How early is too early, some people live their Christmas lights up year round.

Hope you had a super happy Halloween!

5 Responses to “Halloween in the Rear View”

  1. Erin Tagle

    I ADORE your decorations and house!

    AND like you, I'm putting away the Halloween and pulling out the Christmas. I always do so, so that the day or two after Christmas is spent taking it all down … because I'm sick of it by then. It's sort of a motivation thing for me. 🙂

    xoxo, Erin


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