Halloween in Knoxville

My week long adventure in Knoxville celebrating Halloween has come to a close. Phew it went by fast, but I had a ton of fun. I don’t think I have left the couch for a total of 6 hours since I returned home on Friday night. Besides Ella being up all night sick, me not feeling up to par and a stock pile of Netflix to catch up on there was no good reason to. After a week wearing makeup and out of my jammies, I need to make up for lost time. I’m proud to report I am typing this in flannel pj pants this very moment! I didn’t snap as many pictures as I would have liked, but I wanted to share with you the few I did take. Look for the webisodes on HGTV.com as soon as the end of the month and Yahoo and AOL later this fall!

I of course managed to bring bowling into Halloween!

Googly eyes and family photos.

Halloween Wreaths Galore

The crew was awesome several I had worked with before on DIY Christmas specials so it was good to see everyone again and make some new friends.

There were 11 people on our crew. Since these episodes are for the web I didn’t expect such a big production, but it was just the same as filming an episode of TV.

It took a whole lot of props to transform a house into Halloween in August.

An extra special trip, Jamie and Morgan from the Knoxville Craft Mafia contacted me and we all went out to dinner! Always fun to meet up with other mafia ladies!

We finished early on Friday so I jumped an earlier flight and headed home to Austin. I had a good time in Knoxville, but I was pooped and glad to be home.

9 Responses to “Halloween in Knoxville”

  1. Infarrantly Creative

    Thanks for the comment love on my blog. I loved making those mirrors! I didn’t have a Xryon (but I would love one) so we used Modge Podge glue. It took a lot longer than expected but they turned out fab. Thanks for the inspiration. How did you find my blog anyway? I felt like someone famous commented. WAHOOO!

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    The shoot was super duper fun I can’t lie! I’ll keep you dudes posted when they go live.

    Also Infarrantly Creative, I get Google alerts for things like “Naughty Secretary Club”, “Craft Lab”, “Jennifer Perkins” I love them it lets me know when people mention things on blogs. I was so happy to hear about peeps being inspired by the show!

  3. Average Jane Crafter

    Welcome home! The shoot looks like a total success, and what awesome projects! Makes me all in the mood for Halloween! I love the chatter teeth in the black boa wreath. My big fake monster fur with ping pong eyes Halloween wreath finally died last year, so I think one of your new ones here is in my future ….

    But more importantly … how on earth can you wear *anything* flannel in


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