Halloween Horticulture – How to Make Spooky Air Dry Clay Planters

How to make air dry clay Halloween planters.


It is hard to find a spot for your houseplants when decorating for holidays.  Maybe it is just people like me who need every square inch of flat surface for their collections.  Either way, no matter the time a year or holiday plants are what make a house a home. The pots that you plants currently reside in are probably not all that spooky. Well luckily that is easy to change. Last fall I shared how to make planters out of pumpkins. This year let’s talk about sculpting air-dry clay into some haunted homes for horticulture.


Air dry clay
Substrate (vase, pot or jar)
Craft glue
Craft paint (orange, green and black)
Sand paper
Paint brush

Black cat Halloween air dry clay planter.

Step 1
Air dry clay is really easy to work with and quite forgiving. Use the clay directly on your substrate and sculpt. Think of Halloween icons like owls, cats, witches and more. Allow your clay to dry completely. The not so fun part about attaching air dry clay to a ready made pot is that from time to time the pieces will fall off during drying. If that happens use a bit of craft glue to re-attach.  Remember the terra-cotta air-dry clay planters I made this summer?  Yup, had to do it then too.


Step 2
Once you clay has dried and possibly been re-attached with craft glue you might need to sand any rough edges. If you are awesome, you may not. Blow off excess sanded clay and paint. This make take several coats and also if you made a detailed sculpture be sure to get in all the crevices.

How to make air dry clay Halloween planters.

Step 3
Transplant your summer succulents into their new fall homes. Something fun like an owl will carry you through all the way to December!

Making air-dry clay Halloween vases.

Step 4
Display with your Halloween decorations. Wasn’t that easy? Doesn’t your Halloween vignette feel a little bit homier with a pop of live greenery?  Go ahead and throw that rope wrapped sticker resist vase you made this summer in there too.  Now off to make a pumpkin and a bat version.

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