Mold Your Own Halloween Themed Air Dry Clay Planter

Working with air dry clay can be scary, but not the kind of scary you are thinking.  A Halloween themed air dry clay planter is super EASY to make but can be as scary (or cute) looking as you want it to be.   Ready made vases and jars act as a base for these DIY clay planters – all you need is to do is choose between a witch, black cat or owl to sculpt.

Scratch that – this clay planter project is so easy you don’t need to choose, make all 3!

Making air-dry clay Halloween vases.

How to Mold a Batch of Halloween Themed Air Dry Clay Planters

Besides the obvious, crafting is fun answer – why would you make DIY Halloween planters?  Well for me it is hard to find a spot for my houseplants when decorating for holidays.  The pots that you’re plants currently reside in are probably not all that spooky. If you are going to give your entire house a holiday vibe, why stop with your plants?  

Leave no square inch un-Halloweened, including your house plants.


Supplies for Air Hardening Clay Planters

  • Air dry clay
  • Substrate (vase, pot or jar)
  • Craft glue
  • Craft paint (orange, green and black)
  • Sand paper
  • Paint brush
  • Sealant 

Black cat Halloween air dry clay planter.

Step 1 – Sculpt the Air Dry Clay Onto the Planter

Air dry clay is really easy to work with and quite forgiving. Use the clay directly on your substrate and sculpt your figure.  No tools needed, just use your fingers. Think of Halloween icons like owls, cats, witches and more. Allow your clay to dry completely.

Air Dry Clay Tip…

Keep an eye on your clay as it dries.  This will take overnight so not literally.  Some times the clay can shrink and crack.  If you wake up to a an ear missing on your black cat, just reattach with craft glue. 

Self hardening clay witch sculpture with green paint and a paint brush

Step 2 – Paint Your DIY Halloween Planter

Once you clay has dried and possibly been re-attached with craft glue you might need to sand any rough edges. If you are awesome, you may not.

Blow off excess sanded clay and paint. This make take several coats and also if you made a detailed sculpture be sure to get in all the crevices.

Air Dry Clay Video Tutorial…

Check out this air dry clay planter video I made with several tips and tricks on sculpting and making planters with this medium.

How to make Halloween planters from sculpted air hardening clay

Step 3 – Apply a Protective Sealant to the Air Dry Clay Planter

After the paint has dried completely add a protective top coat.  You can use a spray on polyurethane type or paint on something like Outdoor Mod Podge.  This will prevent any damage from spills when watering the plants.

P.S. Check out these classic horror movie monster clay planters too!

Halloween wreath surrounded by DIY clay planters and a vintage mask collection.

Step 4 – Put Your Plants Into Their New Halloween Planters

Transplant your summer succulents into their new DIY air dry clay Halloween homes. Something fun like an owl will carry you all the way through Thanksgiving.  Then you can start over and make a batch of Christmas planters!

DIY self hardening clay planters of green witch and black cat

Step 4 – Display Your New DIY Air Dry Clay Planters

Wasn’t that easy? Doesn’t your Halloween vignette feel a little bit homier with a pop of live greenery in these adorable new air dry clay Halloween planters?  Just because Halloween is all about spooky dead stuff, does not mean your houseplants have to get kicked to the curb!



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