Halloween Glitter Slime Party for Kids

Mini Maker Mondays - Mommy and me crafts with Jennifer Perkins and the Minis Elmer's Halloween Slime kit.

You know what the perfect prop for an October sleepover is – Halloween Slime Kits from Elmer’s Glue. (Please note this post has affiliate links).  Seriously, when Elmer’s sent me these kits their timing could not be better as my daughter was having two equally slime obsessed friends sleep over.  These awesome kits come with everything you need Elmer’s Glitter Glue, magic solution and glitter glue pens.

Slime 101 by Natalie Wright

My friend Natalie Wright of Natalme had also recently sent me her fun book Slime 101 so I put that out for the kids as well.  The more slime ideas the better.  I’m so glad that I did because chalkboard slime quickly ensued and even I as a seasoned crafter was impressed!

Halloween slime party with Elmer's glue by Jennifer Perkins

The kids were stoked and I heard the words “this is the best sleepover ever” uttered more than once.  Everybody shared supplies and kits plus we had our own home stash of starch and contact solution from previous batches.  I’m always a fan of keeping kids crafty and sleepovers are no exception.

Halloween slime party for kids.

The Elmer’s Slime Kits were great because everything was included and the 8 year old girls were able to read the instructions on the box and make their own batches without much help.  There was even a picture guide which made it like Ikea furniture easy.

Chalkboard slime from the book Slime 101

My son opted for a recipe from Slime 101 for making Chalkboard Slime.  We used Black Elmer’s Glitter Glue and Folk Art Chalkboard Paint.  I was skeptical of whether or not it would really work, but those videos on Facebook don’t lie.  Worked like a charm and my son was beaming with pride!

Add in options for slime include eyeballs, sequins and glitter.

The only thing better than Halloween Glitter Slime is Halloween Glitter Slime with extra chunky glitter.  We made a batch with glitter, another with sequins, one opted for googley eyes and then of course chalkboard paint.  Once you get the basic recipe for slime down add ins are fun.

Fun with Halloween slime by Jennifer Perkins

Thank you Elmer’s and Dover Publications for sending me these goodies and making me the best on the block for at least one night this week.  The kids had fun, kept busy and now have take home goodies from the sleepover.  Plus my son had never made slime before so he was extra excited!

How to host a Halloween slime party by Jennifer Perkins

Has slime fever hit your house?  Are you kids equally obsessed with oobleck?  Please share your favorite recipes, books and add ins.  Who knows when I will be hosting another sleepover and will need entertainment.

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