DIY Fireplace Screen for Halloween

I’ll give you three guesses what this awesome DIY Halloween fireplace screen is made with.  Hints include: it’s cheap, it moves and it is not typically used as a Halloween decoration.  Give up?  This spooky screen is made with plastic party tablecloths and landscapers fencing.  Keep reading and I’ll teach you how to make your very own.

Halloween fireplace screen cover by Jennifer Perkins

So my logic was this: you go to all the trouble to make the top of your fireplace look amazing, why wouldn’t you do something for the bottom?  You don’t get dressed up for a night out and put on a sparkly top, do your hair and makeup then throw on sweat pants.  If you do that’s ok.  I’m more of a top to bottom kind of gal when it comes to my outfits and Halloween decorations.  Once you see how easy this Halloween fireplace screen is to make you will be on team top and bottom too.

Plastic tablecloth fire screen supplies


  • Plastic tablecloths
  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting board
  • ruler
  • Plastic landscaping fencing
  • Scissors
Cutting plastic table cloths for a fireplace screen.

The first thing you need are strips of plastic party tablecloths and lots of them.  Folding your table cloth and using a rotary cutter is a good idea because you can get lot’s of strips all at once.  Try to make sure all the strips are uniform in size.  This is where that ruler will come in handy.

Weave plastic strips onto plastic fencing

One row at a time start attaching your tablecloth strips to the plastic fencing.  If you are familiar with weaving this is like a rya knot.  that way each square is getting double strip action.  Start at the bottom and work your way to the top of the fencing, alternating Halloween colors.

Weaving onto Halloween Fireplace screen

Nobody said this was a quick project, but the end results are so worth it.  While you are weaving in your plastic strips go ahead and throw in the occasional piece of glittery yarn for some sparkle.  When doors open or ceiling fans run this amazing screen comes to life undulating and gently moving.

Halloween mantle with DIY fireplace screen by Jennifer Perkins

I used the same small cup hooks that hold my Christmas stockings to hang my fireplace screen.  Since plastic table cloths were used the whole thing is pretty light weight.  The best part is you can stuff it in a trash bag to store for next year and it won’t wrinkle.  I’ve used this beauty for 3 years in a row!  I also have to give a shout out to The Color Condition.  One of their amazing installation pieces inspired this whole thing.  Also, this post was originally part of the Eighteen25 Spooktacular Blog Hop.

Want more Halloween inspiration?  Keep reading.

Halloween mask inspired by vintage Ben Cooper masks.

DIY Retro Monster Mask – Have you heard?  I collect vintage monster masks.  Sadly these babies are becoming increasingly hard to find and super expensive when you do.  That’s why I decided to try making my own.

Halloween mantle with custom light-up art and DIY fireplace screen by Jennifer Perkins

Light Up Halloween Art – The first time I used my Halloween fireplace screen it was to accent this light up thrift store art I made.  It started perky and ended spooky.

Purple Halloween tree with vintage monster masks by Jennifer Perkins

Felt Monster Ornaments – Another perfect addition to all those monster masks are custom felt monster ornaments.




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  1. Loni

    This is very creative! I never would have thought of decorating my fireplace like this! And I love seeing the old prints, my mom would hang up those same Halloween cutouts in the windows when I was a kid!


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