Creepy Clowns, Haunted Halloween Carnival Trees and DIY Ornaments!

Creepy carnival Halloween tree

There is something eerie about clowns. Even if they don’t normally scare you, when it comes to Halloween, those painted faces meant to make you smile can instead make you want to hide! Add in a creepy carnival vibe and whoa who knew a rainbow Christmas tree could look so scary.  That’s why I decided to mix up clowns and rainbows.  Nothing bad can happen when rainbows are involved, right? 

Creepy clown and carnival themed rainbow Halloween tree.

Creepy Clowns and Haunted Halloween Carnival Tree With DIY Ornaments

If I was going to go to all the trouble of decorating a clown themed Halloween tree I figured why not take that extra step and make some custom DIY ornaments.  I do after all love a good theme.  I had already decorated with my vintage Halloween masks, a roll of carnival tickets and clown ornaments.  What else goes with a carnival theme better than popcorn.  Not just any popcorn, ZOMBIE POPCORN or at least the kind covered in green slime with fingers sticking out.

Supplies to make zombie popcorn bags

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Striped bag of popcorn


Pop the corns and feed the children.  Bonus points for anyone who writes in the comments where that is from.

ANYWAY The first thing I did was fill half of the popcorn sack with crumpled paper. Add popcorn and clear hot glue one layer at a time until the bag is full looking. Repeat until you are at the top of the bag

Striped popcorn bag with finger sticking out for Halloween

Step 2: Put a Severed Finger in the Popcorn Bag

Once you have filled the bag with popcorn add a plastic finger to the top. Use a bit more glue and popcorn to anchor the finger in the bag.  We want the DIY Halloween ornament to look like a finger was severed at the carnival.

Rainbow Halloween tree with DIY carnival zombie popcorn ornaments

Step 3: Add The Green Ooze to the DIY Halloween Tree Ornament

Sure the bag of popcorn with the finger is plenty creepy as is, but why stop now!  Add a drizzle of green hot glue like the finger is bleeding green ooze or some zombie sneezed on the bag.  Ewww!

Halloween Tree in Rainbow covered in creepy clowns

Now that’s my kind of Halloween tree.  Fun, but not too freaky and colorful but not too creepy.  What do you think?  Are you brave enough to go with a clown theme this Halloween?

Have a Carnival Themed Halloween Party (When the world goes back to normal)

Maybe by next Halloween we can get back to having some good old fashioned Halloween party fun!  You’ve got the tree already, why not go with a carnival theme?  Might I suggest a few of my favorite Halloween fun and games



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