Halloween Banners and Buntings

Halloween Banner BarNo party is complete without a banner.  Whether it say’s ‘Happy birthday’, ‘Congrats’ or in this case ‘Trick or Treat’ banners set the party mood.  There are plenty of adorable store bought ways to say ‘Boo’, but then again you could always make your own.

Halloween Banner Table

Some people might accuse me of having too many banners and buntings at any given party, but they are so cute and festive why not have one in every room.  Plus most of mine say different Halloween things.

Halloween Boo Banner

Yes I even decorate the bathrooms – complete with a Boo banner.  People spend a lot of time in the bathroom at a party so it only makes sense to spread the Halloween love there too.

Halloween Hiss Banner

I told you most of my banners say different things.  I made this one several years ago that says ‘Hiss’.  Wanna make your own?  Check out my tutorial here.

Halloween Photo Op Banner

Looking for a quick and easy way to set up a photo backdrop?  Might I suggest a shower curtain and a ‘Happy Halloween’ banner.  Worked great for my annual Halloween party last year.

Halloween Stitcker Banner

Do wee baby banner stickers count?  I think they do.

Halloween Target Banner

Besides making my own ‘Hiss’ banner I have also made custom banners for my daughter’s fawn theme birthday, a no-sew outdoor vinyl banner, my children’s joint lumberjack themed party, a Valentine paper chain and a cake ball one for my sister’s baby shower.  The banner and bunting options are really endless.

Halloween Trick or TreatSay it loud, say it proud – just be sure to say it with a banner this Halloween!


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