Halloween 2012 Countdown – Witches!

Is it too early for me to start talking about Halloween? All the decorations are out at the store and Pinterest seems to be getting into the spooky spirit so I thought I would join the party. I’ve held out as long as I could. I’m already pinning recipes, picking dates and thinking of costumes for our 4th annual Halloween party. A good party and 75 bazillion storage boxes of Halloween take time to get just right. Don’t worry, I’m not setting anything out just yet – but soon my pretties. Very soon. I thought I would share some pictures with you leading up to Halloween in theme. Today we are working the witch angle!

I have made better cake pops in my time that is fer sure. Last year I tried my hand at witch pops inspired by Bakerella. I can hear them saying; “I’m melting, I’m melting”. If you kinda stand far away and cross your eyes they are not too bad.

I adore my glittery green witch hands with their pointy red fingernails. I try to put them in a new spot each year, but they did look mighty spiffy in my shadow box.

Last year at our front door we had a witch crash into our grocery cart herb garden.

I also made a smaller version of the witch legs to stick in a potted plant.

I blame HGTV for starting my Halloween obsession. In 2008 I filmed a series of Halloween how-to videos for them. I was pregnant with Tallulah during filming so maybe that is why she is equally Halloween obsessed. Here is a fun video about how to make a bubbling witches cauldron centerpiece.

My witch cake pops might have been an epic fail, but I was pretty pleased with how my witch finger cookies turned out.

Actually we have had witches finger cookies the last 2 years at the party. Guess I will need to make a batch this year to keep up with tradition.

I look forward to adding to my collection of Halloween crafts every year. One of my faves is the Wee Witch Shrine I made to showcase a picture of Tallulah in her first Halloween costume made by Vickie Howell.

Last year I had a witch set up above the kitchen sink complete with tiny pointy hats for all my figurines.

Also in my kitchen above my pantry was another witch-a-rific vignette. I’m getting excited looking at these pictures because it is reminding me of all the good loot I have up in my attic. Plus all the stuff I got on clearance on last year, squeal!

La la love the light up broom sticks I made in this video. One of these would be great next to the crashed witch in the grocery cart.

Last year in the living room I let one lone witch infiltrate my black cat collection display.

One year I made best costume trophies that I never actually had the heart to give out. I couldn’t pick a favorite and break any wee little hearts. Now these witch trophies are just used decorations.

So am I crazy? Is anyone else thinking Halloween already in August? Seen any witch snacks, decor or fun I need to know about? Be sure to check back every week leading up to Halloween for some fun Halloween party inspiration.

P.S. Thank you Amanda Marie Photography for some of the pictures (the pretty ones).

3 Responses to “Halloween 2012 Countdown – Witches!”

  1. Carin

    NOPE! Not crazy. 😉 I too am making lists and pinning ideas for this year's Halloween.
    Can't wait to see the next post!

  2. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Carin I knew you of all people would give me moral support posting about Halloween in August. Just went to Target hoping just maybe, but alas not yet. I'm trying to decide when I can start getting the decorations out. I feel like I have to wait until at least Sept. The kids are going to be over Halloween before it even gets here.


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