Halloween 2012 Countdown – Whoo Whoo Owls!

Great Horned Owl, Screech Owl, Fearful Owl – the names alone say Halloween. Owls are a classic symbol for Halloween obsessives like myself. My stash is small, but cute. For our 2012 Halloween party the whole family got into the owl spirit.

In the game room last year I switched out all my usual wall hangings and throw pillows with more festive options. Owls were of course present and accounted for.

Local Austin artist Rory Skagen is the mastermind behind my owl poster.

Yummy yummy thanks Pinterest for the owl Moon Pie recipe. Think I might make another batch of these bad boys for this year’s festivities.

I was so excited to find this reproduction Halloween mask at the Roundtop flea market. As luck would have it I also bought some pictures to use for the frames and ended up keeping one that was a charcoal portrait just to display my mask.

I think clearly I need to beef up the owl portion of my Halloween collection. I’m also going to scour Pinterest for some more owl related snacks. Got any fun Halloween owl ideas?

P.S. Thanks to Amanda Marie Photography for the pretty pictures.

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