Halloween 2012 Countdown – Spiders!

Along came a spider and sat down beside her, sure it is a nursery rhyme for kids but it also works for Halloween. I don’t typically go the spider route with my Halloween party, but this little 8 legged creature has popped up a few times through the years.
The spider web pretzels were a bit tricky to make and a little fragile for the toddler crowd, but they did turn out mighty cute if I do say so.
Got an old doormat? Give it the Halloween once over with a quick and easy fabric paint spiderweb.

I had a guest come as a spider last year. Her family’s themed costume was one of my favorites. They were all bugs, but she was a spider complete with huge web. At the time her baby (the ladybug) was very small and worn in a baby carrier the whole time as if she had been caught in mama’s web. So sweet, cute and clever.
If you want to see me get crafty with spiders check out the above video about how to make an orange feather wreath. I have a whole series of Halloween videos I filmed for HGTV.

I love the look of popcorn cones. Last year I whipped up a batch of chipotle maple corn that was quickly devoured.
I have made soap as party favors a couple of different times. Super easy and fun, I just recommend clearly labeling them as soap and not candy. I had a friend who shall remain nameless accidentally bite into a fawn shaped piece of soap I had in a goodie bag one year for a birthday party.

Speaking of spider-rific costumes we also had a whole family of Spidermen show up to our 2011 party. I love me a family themed costume!
You have heard the old saying there is more than one way to skin a cat? Same can be said for decorating pumpkins. You can carve, paint, drill and decoupage with spiders.
Look closely, I spy with my little Halloween tunnel vision eye a green spider. This was the set up in my dining room in 2010.

Last week on the blog I had an easy tutorial for making framed spider webs.

The words no sew are always music to my ears. Check out this easy to make kids spider web costume I whipped up using a sweat suit and fabric paint.

I have found when searching for and buying Halloween decorations I am not often attracted to the spiders. I like the vintage and kitschy looking decorations and those don’t typically involve bugs. Am I missing something? Know a great spider cookie I should make this year? Did you see an amazing spider wreath at the Home Goods near you? I’m all ears.

Have you missed any of our Halloween 2012 countdown series? We have covered witches, owls, bats & blood suckers and ghosts. P.S. Thanks to Amanda Marie Photography for the pretty pictures.

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