Halloween 2012 Countdown – Skulls!

Along came a spider and sat down beside her, sure it is a nursery rhyme for kids but it also works for Halloween. I don’t typically go the spider route with my Halloween party, but this little 8 legged creature has popped up a few times through the years.

One of my post prized pieces in my vast Halloween collection are my large black and white skulls with glittery eyes. They have held crepe paper balls, sat atop shelves and even been used as a flower planter through the years.

In the dining room for the 2011 party. My glittery black skull displays the witch’s hat from Tallulah’s very first Halloween costume.

Halloween was not the first time I busted out the baby blocks to decorate and craft with. Check out my mispelled Tallulah (I ran out of letters) at her first birthday party. Learn how to make your own spooky Baby Blocks that go Boo here.

Check out this how-to video I did for HGTV explaining how to make a couple of different spooky Halloween wreaths. The one with the skull is nice and all, but I am partial to the chatterbox teeth option myself.

The goodie bags from my 2010 party had flocked Crafty Chica skull iron on’s.

I break the bank at Target every Halloween stocking up on the cuteness. Last year was no exception. I was ready to come to blows with someone over these teal felt skeletons that hung in my kitchen.

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