Halloween 2012 Countdown – Jack-o-Lanterns!

I love vintage Halloween jack-o-lanterns so much that I gave these little fellows away at last year’s Halloween party as the goody bags. Sure, they are reproductions but man are they cute!

Speaking of goody bags I gave away these cuties a few years ago. You can read about how to make your own here.

In case you have forgotten how to carve a pumpkin you can always review by watching me on this video I filmed for HGTV. I actually learned a thing or two while filming it.

These lanterns are not really pumpkins, but they sure look like it. Lucky for me my sister got married the weekend before my Halloween party last year and I got all of her orange paper lanterns.

I have several vintage jack-o-lanterns in my collection. The best part is some belonged to my parents as children.

I also have a soft spot for kitschy plastic Halloween buckets. I’m hoping to add to my collection this year at the thrift stores.

The nice thing about my plastic pumpkin collection is that they can go inside or outside.

Ever wondered how to carve a pumpkin with a template? I can show you.

Last year I whipped up a batch pumpkin pie bites. The ones that inspired me on Bakerella were much cuter. Think I might try making pumpkin pie pops this year.

Have you ever made a pumpkin snowman? You should it is really easy. I also really like the plaid pumpkin wall art in this video

Check out how to make your own Halloween yarn canisters right here.

Pumpkin shaped cake balls. I don’t even remember what flavor I made these. I was in a cooking daze by this point. The nice thing about cake balls and pops is that they freeze really well so you can make them a few weeks ahead of the party.

Have you seen those little crepe paper pumpkins all over Pinterest that are filled with candy? You can learn how to make them by watching this video.

I love me some heirloom pumpkins. Every year I buy the motherload of them to decorate with and then later cook with.

Pumpkins are not only good for decorating with and eating they also make spiffy serving vessels. I have put all kinds of dips in mine, this is hummus.

Vintage honeycomb decorations are so fun. I found this perky little scarecrow at the Round Top flea market a few years back.

This video has my favorite project of all the ones we filmed. Plastic fruit given the Halloween once over. I kinda have a thing for crafting with fruit apparently.

Of all the decorations and edible treats at my past Halloween parties no jack-o-lantern was as adorbs as this little cutie.

P.S. Thank you Amanda Marie Photography for some of the pictures (the pretty ones).

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