Halloween 2012 Countdown – Instagram Dump

I promise I’ll post better pictures of my house, but for right now I thought I would give you a glimpse of how things look around these parts Instagram style. Some of the decorations have been tweaked since I snapped these pictures, but you get the general idea.

Boo above the pantry in the kitchen.

I love my little collection of retro Halloween make up all still in the package. I decided to go with a 60’s-80’s theme and bust out some goofy witches and scarecrows.

The orange in these plastic jack-o-lanterns really brings out the sparkle in my swordfish’s eyes.

When my mother brought me this creepy photo I didn’t know what I would do with it. I have since had my sister embellish the photo. The little boy has a cape and fangs and the little girl sports a big black witch’s hat.

My kids are getting into the spirit of things too. Here they are painting and glittering pumpkins at a recent birthday party.

After I had my walls painted white this summer I decided to leave a wall blank just for Halloween. I framed and hung several pieces of my vintage Halloween ephemera collection.

This fall at the Round Top flea market I scored 2 vintage Halloween blow mold lamps.

Am I already baking and setting tables for this year’s annual Halloween party? You better bet my deep freeze is full of owls, cake balls, witch’s fingers and black cat cookies.

Happy smiling pumpkins and candy corn above the fridge.

I kind have a thing for vintage Halloween masks.

This little black cat planter makes me happy. I’m wishing I had bought more of these black and white sticks at Ikea, I’m using them all over the place.

Tallulah has about as many Halloween shirts as I do decorations. Well ok not that many, but a lot.

Haunted houses and wee witch shrines.

Above my bar in the dining room is one of my favorite set ups.

Even my Abe Lincoln planter is getting into the spirit of things.

So there you have it, the way my house looks this very moment via Instagram.

3 Responses to “Halloween 2012 Countdown – Instagram Dump”

  1. Cindy Cooksey

    I love all your fun Halloween decorations! I have a good collection, too, but nothing compared to yours. Your little ones are growing bigger! Fun to see.

  2. Anonymous

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