Halloween 2012 Countdown – Ghosts!

My sister said I was afraid to ask Tallulah what she wanted to be for Halloween this year and she was right. I was afraid she would have an answer. She did. We are going to be a ghost, a friendly ghost according to her. In homage to my little ghost today’s Halloween post is all about spooks, ghouls and ghosts.

Since last year’s Halloween party I discovered that Baxter has a peanut allergy. That means no Nutter Butter ghosts around these parts. I’ll think of something equally haunting to make don’t you worry your pretty little head.

Be sure to check out all the Halloween videos I did for HGTV a few years back. There are lot’s of cute ideas including this ghost family for the yard.

I need to score myself some orange picture frames to keep up the tradition of yearly ghost footprints.

If I did not always go the Evite route I would love to send some of these ghost themed edible invitations out.

This was the set up on the bar at last years Halloween party. I spy a ghost on the mirror in the center of the wreath!

No kids party is complete without bubbles. Did you know you can make your own bubble wands using pipe cleaners? Heck, you can even make your own bubbles. Pretty nifty!

This ghost bowling game was the inspiration for the garden gnome bowling game I made for Craft Magazine.

Not all ghosts are white. Remember the one from Ghostbusters in the hotel? I love this vintage crepe paper ghost guy I found at a flea market.

There is another cute ghost invitation option in this video that doubles as a fridge magnet.

I have a little thing, ok a big thing, for plastic trick-or-treat buckets. I have one lone little ghost. I think he is vintage which makes me love him even more.

Now I need to focus on thinking of a clever way to spice up a ghost costume. I’m leaning towards a Pac Man family theme.

Remember I will be posting pictures of my past Halloween parties and decorations every week leading up to Oct 31st. Did you miss witches or black cats?

p.s. Thanks Amanda Marie photography for some of these pictures. She took the pretty ones.

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