Halloween 2012 Countdown – Dracula & Bats!

I vant to suck your blood! When Halloween is near you should start sleeping with garlic and crosses right? Well not if your vampires and bats are made of yarn and goat cheese.

My heart went all aflutter when I saw these vintage Monster cards. They were part of some board game. There was no board to be found, but I got one of each of the cards. Not only is there Dracula there is also Dracula’s daughter.

I filmed a bazillion Halloween videos for HGTV and you better bet there was a few with a bat theme like these glow in the dark cuties.

The age old craft of baby food jar snow globes don’t have to be just for Christmas. Glue in a Dracula figurine and red glitter for a Halloween theme. I have a whole tutorial about how to whip up a set.

I love these bat party invitations that also double as a photo frame!

Goat cheese bat balls from Cooking Light, yummers! As much as love a small bite size cheese ball I think this year I might do one big bat.

Last year using some of my buddy Vickie Howell’s embroidery patterns I made my kids a Halloween themed coloring book. Learn how to make your own right here.

Need a quick, easy and not so all over Halloween costume? What about a set of felt vampire teeth?

Ikea canisters got the quick and easy yarn wrapped Halloween treatment at my house last year. Learn how to make your own set here.

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