Halloween 2012 Countdown – Black Cats!

I have been collecting black cats since college. It didn’t start out with a Halloween theme, but 20 years later my kitties only see the light of day one season a year.

Some of my black cats are actual Halloween decorations but other’s are 60’s vinyl cigar smoking lions. You can also see a vintage black cat liquor decanter in the background. No matter what the black cat was made for when they are all displayed together they are look Halloweeny.

One of my most prized Halloween black cats is this small painting my husband did as a child. I put it out every year. Check out how to make your own black cat clothespin game right here.

Halloween throw pillows, you better bet I have some. I saw some made by Heidi Kenny of My Paper Crane using vintage Halloween masks and Spoonflower that I keep dreaming about.

Sure the obvious choice for a Halloween banner would be one that says boo or spooky, but for me I opted for HISS. Make your own hiss banner following this handy dandy tutorial.

The shadow box in my living room always displays some sort of rotating collection. Last Halloween it was home to a few black cats. I love the little vintage black cat ashtray with his mouth wide open. There is a place on his tongue for a cigarette.

We even carved a black cat pumpkin one year. This basket o’ kitties and pumpkins sat in our front yard to greet trick-or-treaters.

Lastly I leave you with a Halloween craft I made with my mother that everyone thinks is creepy but us. We made Tallulah into a black cat bobble head!

Be sure to check back weekly for my stroll through Halloween memory lane. Each week is themed. If you missed witches check it out here.

P.S. Thank you Amanda Marie Photography for some of the pictures (the pretty ones).

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  1. beth shamley

    omg i have that black cat ash tray. except mine has a black rectangular tray that matches under neath. thats funny! love your decorations.


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