I Grew Up in a 128 Year Old Pink Victorian

Home Tour of a Pink Victorian.

I grew up in a pink Victorian house often referred to as The Birthday Cake house.  Don’t believe me, check out my latest blog post for the DIY Network Made+Remade Blog to get the entire scoop.  Tons pictures (and information) about the 128 year old house my parents still call home and my kids call magic.

Along with the blog post, there is also a video tour from an episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins.  In the video I walk you room to room through the downstairs of the house.  See all my parent’s collections, stained glass galore and gain a deeper understanding of my love of more is more home decorating.

Tour a 128 year old pink Victorian house.

Want more?  How about a tour of my mom’s She Shed on DIY Network or the entire house decorated for a Victorian Christmas on Great American Country.  Don’t forget right here I’ve got a tour of the yard entitled Why my Parent’s Yard is Like a Mullet.

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