Goodbye Halloween I Miss You Already

I thought I would give Halloween a proper send off by sharing a few pictures from my Halloween home decorating and Pint Size Halloween Party. Hope your Halloween was equally festive and fabulous!

It made me a little sad to start packing everything away today into their black and orange storage tubs for a long stay in our attic. I’m thinking I might make this baby Halloween party a tradition. In the meantime as I put away Halloween I can drag down Christmas and just you wait for those pictures – I’m up to 6 tinsel trees at this point in colors like hot pink, teal and silver.

10 Responses to “Goodbye Halloween I Miss You Already”

  1. Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club

    Mom wish you could have been here too. Thanks for donating all your vintage Halloween goodies to me, they are going to good use.

    Jess those masks (except for the orange devil one which is vintage) are actually new and came from Oriental Trading. I thought they looked 60's too!

  2. Condo Blues

    The baby Staypuff Marshmallow Man is awesome! My husband and I were just watching Ghostbusters and saying that it would make a cool Halloween costume.

  3. home staging in Toronto

    Hi. All children look so adorable. I like especially that last picture. I had yesterday also very sad mood. Packing all Halloween stuff and decorations is absolutely not fun. As it was big fun preparing for Halloween, now it is vice versa. The only relief is that the Christmas are coming.

    Take care,

  4. Carin

    Love it.
    Everyone looked great!!
    We will be there next year! We're not missing this fab Halloween party again!! 😉

  5. jungle dream pagoda

    Dang Jennifer! You certainly know how to celebrate! I love all the pics and share your sad sentiment about removing the H-Ween decor…..mines still up…but not for long(frowny face)!
    How I adore the babes on the couch pic…and of course little Tallulah rocks the baby Vans!
    P.S. Great source for baby vans are the Van outlet at grapevine mills when you visit your mom!


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