Say Thank You For a Being a Friend With These Easy DIY Golden Girls Christmas Ornaments

Think it’s too late to say ‘thank you for being a friend’ with a handmade gift this Christmas?  Think again.  You can whip up a set of these easy DIY decoupage Golden Girls ornaments in an evening.  Go ahead and make an extra set for yourself because you are going to want some too!

Please note this post is sponsored by Prime Party.  I was compensated, but all opinions and love of the Golden Girls are my own.

Pink Christmas tree decorated with a Golden Girls theme.

Golden Girls Themed Zoom Happy Hour

Remember this fall when I threw a virtual Golden Girls themed virtual happy hour?  Good times and cheesecake all around!  Well of course I also decorated a Golden Girls themed Christmas tree to match.  What can I say I can’t resist a good theme!  Might I suggest a two for one Golden Girls virtual craft date?  Read on.

P.S. Did you see my Bob Ross Virtual Painting Party?

Golden Girls themed pink Christmas tree.

DIY Decoupage Napkin Christmas Ornaments

While preparing for the Golden Girls happy hour I couldn’t help fawning over the napkins.  These adorable napkins are from Prime Party where you can get everything you need to host a virtual happy hour or make some DIY ornaments to giveaway to your friends this Christmas.  Seriously, how cute are these illustrious?  Too cute to wipe cheesecake onto!

Golden Girls beverage napkins.

Fun Fact: Napkins Are An Under Appreciated Craft Medium

I love crafting with paper napkins.  They are cute (just look at the Golden Girls), they are inexpensive and they come in about a bazillion different colors, patterns and options!  Sure they are handy to have around for impromptu playdates and happy hours, but don’t forget to also think of them as a crafting medium!

DIY Ideas Using Paper Napkins

  • String Lights – You will never look at cardboard toilet paper rolls the same way again after seeing these DIY fairy light makeovers.
  • Art Journals – If it will sit still long enough I will eventually add it to one of my art journals.  Napkins are no exception.
  • Wooden Beads – Check out these 5 trendy transformations of wooden craft store beads including decoupage with napkins.

Supplies to make napkin decoupaged ornaments.

Supplies For Whipping Up Some DIY Golden Girls Christmas Ornaments

Pro Tip: You can use glue instead of decoupage and if you don’t have blank ornaments cut your own shapes out of cardboard!

Ornament about to be decoupaged with a napkin.

Add The Decoupage to the Ornament

Using a brush apply a liberal amount of decoupage medium to the ornament.  Same goes for glue.

Napkin on wood ornament.

Decoupage The Golden Girls Napkin Onto the Ornament

While the decoupage is still wet line apply your napkin to the ornament.  The Prime Party Golden Girls napkins come with 4 color ways on each napkin so technically I could make 4 ornaments per napkin.

P.S. These cocktail napkins are two-ply.  Pull the two pieces apart and discard the white tissue.

DIY nakin decoupaged ornament made with a Golden Girls Napkin.

Smooth Out the Bumps and Trim

Using your finger smooth out any obvious bumps.  Allow the decoupage to dry completely and then trim the excess napkin away.  If you are feeling really extra you can paint the backside or decoupage with another Golden Girls color way.

DIY decoupage Christmas tree ornaments made with Golden Girls paper napkins.

Say Thank You For Being a Friend With a DIY Ornament

These dudes are so cute and easy to make once you get started you will want to make an entire tree full.  I added some ribbon to a few of mine but you can embellish however you want.  I also love the round ornaments I made with the Prime Party Golden Girls Luncheon Napkins.

Pink Christmas tree decorated with a Golden Girls theme and DIY decoupage ornaments made from napkins by Jennifer Perkins

Pin the Glasses on Sophia

Once I started decorating my Golden Girls themed Christmas tree I couldn’t just stop with DIY decoupage napkin ornaments.  You know me – more is more.  I love the Prime Party Pin the Glasses on Sophia Game.  I’m sure it is an awesome party game, but I might like it even better as tree decor.

Jennifer Perkins decorates a pink Christmas tree with a Golden Girls theme and DIY decoupage ornaments.

Finish Trimming Your Golden Girls Themed Christmas Tree

After the ornaments and glasses I added a few ornaments and pearl necklaces.  Yup, pearl necklaces.  I have boxes of vintage costume jewelry and all I did was latch together several strands of pearls as a Christmas tree garland.  I think Blanche would approve of tree accessories.

Party and Christmas tree decorated with a Golden Girls theme.

Wouldn’t you love to get or give a set of Golden Girls Christmas Ornaments this holiday season?  I know I would!



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