Glow in the Dark DIY Skeleton Pajamas for Halloween


How to make glow in the dark skeleton pajamas for Halloween by Jennifer Perkins

The Halloween party does not have to end after trick-or-treating is finished.  Bask in the Halloween after glow all night long in a pair of glow in the dark skeleton pajamas!  These jammies could not be easier to make (assuming you can get your hot little hands on some ready made skeleton PJ’s) PLUS – if your kid’s school is like mine the most important day of the year is “wear your pajamas to school day” otherwise known as non-demonational Halloween for public school.

DIY Glow in the Dark Skeleton Pajamas for Halloween by Jennifer Perkins

If you are lucky enough to find skeleton pajamas like I did this project is going to be easy breezy Cover Girl.  All I had to do was trace the outline of the skeleton with the Tulip Glow Paint.  If you can’t find skeleton pajamas think of other options like polka dots!
DIY Glow in the Dark Skeleton Pajamas for Halloween by Jennifer Perkins
Allow to dry overnight and then ‘charge’ in a bright light before heading off to bed and the dark. My daughter loves them and I have a feeling they will pass muster at Wear Your Jammies to School Day too! 

DIY Glow in the Dark Pajamas for Halloween by Jennifer Perkins

 Come to think of it I might just make myself a pair.  Perhaps I’ll outline all the spots on my favorite leopard print pajama pants!


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