Glitterific DIY Color Blocked Earrings

The only craft supply I love almost as much as pompoms is glitter and you all know how I feel about pompoms.  Much like a pompom glitter makes everything better.  Why in the world would you not want your crafts, or in this case your DIY color blocked earrings, to sparkle and be glitterific?

DIY Rainbow Glitter Earrings

Please note this post is sponsored by Plaid Crafts, but all opinions and deep rooted love of glitter are my own.

When Plaid Crafts sent over a rainbow assortment of Glitterific paint my color loving heart went pitter patter.  What would I paint first?  This is not your average paint with glitter – this stuff is chunky, textured and has dimension.  Jewelry is my first crafty love so I thought I would go back to my roots with this DIY Glitterific project.

wood shapes from the craft store and glitter paint

Glitterific comes in several gorgeous colors and I love them all.  They scream summer and fun.  I’ve got a tween in the house who can’t wait to get her hands on these but first it’s mommy’s turn.  

DIY Glitterific Color Blocked Earring Supplies

I’m using Glitterific on wood for the earrings, but the paint will work on all kinds of different surfaces.

Painting wood pieces color blocked

Washi Tape, Paint and Color Blocking

I wanted to use all the Glitterific colors and create an entire collection.  That being the case I decided to go with a color blocked look.  Using wood beads, various wood cut outs and even a wood letter U I came up with some color blocked design ideas.

Using washi tape I created stripes on the wood craft store pieces.  One color at a time I put down a base coat of either Folk-Art or Apple Barrel Paint.  Allow for drying time in-between each coat and before applying washi tape to the next area.

Plaid Crafts Glitterific paints

Get Glitterific

Glitterific has a clear thick gel like consistency.  The chunky glitter floats inside.  For my DIY color blocked jewelry I used a base coat of paint.  I matched my paint to the glitter color, but I’m going to try mixing and matching next time!

Apply Several Coats

The more glitterific you want your jewelry the more coats you will need to paint.  Allow for drying time in-between.

Another added bonus of working with Glitterific is that it is already shiny due to the gel like consistency.  Once the glitter dries there is no need for a top coat.

Drilling color blocked wood pieces for earrings

Drill the Wood Pieces

Once your Glitterific paint has dried you can prep the wood pieces for jewelry making.  Thin craft wood can be easily drilled or punched.

How to make DIY glitter earrings with wood beads.

Jewelry Making 101

Assemble your jewelry using basic jewelry making techniques.  Check out my Jewelry Making 101 Video for some tips and tricks.

Tip: Try mixing in other wooden beads that have been wood burned or dyed.

I can’t wait to keep on creating with my Glitterific paint.  These colorful pieces will be perfect all summer long.  Next I need to make some matching necklaces and bracelets!

What would you make glitterific?

How to make color blocked earrings by Jennifer Perkins



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