Give a Box of Valentine Candy a Festive Owl Themed Makeover

You can’t think of Valentine’s Day without a box of chocolates coming to mind. Too bad the boxes these days ain’t got nuthin on the frilly boxes of yesteryear. I love the look of vintage Valentine candy boxes, so much so today for I Love to Create I decided to make my own.


Craft felt

Heart shaped boxes of chocolate


Craft Paper

Aleene’s Tacky Glue

Paint brush

Valentine’s stickers

Carnival tickets

This project is inspired by some felt owl ornaments that Karen of Midwest Maude fame made for Issue #2 of Kids Crafts 1-2-3. Sure issue #3 of Kids Crafts 1-2-3 is out at Walmart and chocked full of fun Valentine projects, but I never got a chance to make these owl ornaments. Whoooo loves you? The owl Valentine greetings are endless.

The first thing I did was cover my box. I traced the lid on a piece of paper, cut it out and glued it to the top of my box. I applied Tacky Glue all over the lid and spread it evenly with a paint brush.

If you can eyeball the owl image good for you. I cropped the picture and blew my owl up and printed it out to use as a template. Using said template I cut out two owls in pink and red.

Using Tacky Glue I attached my owls to the chocolate box. I used some fun felt flower stickers for the eyes. Sure they were stickers, but I went ahead and added some Tacky Glue for good measure.

Tacky Glue and a few strategic gem stones gave my owl a little sparkle.

Using a hot glue gun I added some foil trim around the edge of my box.

I must admit I dumped all the candy out and glued my boxes shut. A) The candy had peanuts and I can’t have that around with Baxter’s allergy. B) I’m on a diet. I love the way they turned out. Check out another version of the box on BlogHer.

***I was compensated & given free supplies by I Love to Create. Mama has gotta pay the bills somehow and really who in their right mind would say no to free craft supplies***

5 Responses to “Give a Box of Valentine Candy a Festive Owl Themed Makeover”

  1. Winnie

    Love your owls! What a fun way to jazz up the plain boxes of chocolates! I make cards, so I am thinking they would make great cards too! Thanks for the tutorial!
    Hope you have a crafty weekend!


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