Girls Just Wanna Have Funds – How to Make a DIY Mason Jar Bank

Tax season is upon us and girls just gotta have funds.  Got a big tax return coming?  Well then you need to make yourself a DIY mason jar piggy bank to store it in.  Sure this craft project does not accrue compound interest, but it does make saving money look that much better.  Girls just wanna have funds and FUN crafting.

DIY Mason jar bank - Girls Just Wanna Have Funds by Jennifer Perkins

It’s a fact that everything looks cuter in a mason jar, money is no exception.  Make that mason jar bank ombre and it is like cute cash overload.  All that is left to do is fill that sucker up.

Speaking of, did you see my DIY mason jar terrarium?  Complete with Easter egg gnomes.  Ya, if you have extra jars after making your bank try this fun project next!

Check out this episode of Crafts, Kitsch and Kids with Jennifer Perkins (my not so regular) Facebook Live series.  I’ll walk you through all the steps of making your own piggy bank from a mason jar.  This is a really easy craft project (you know how I love easy) so don’t fret!

You can get scrapbook stickers straight on a jar by sticking them to a ruler first.

The first thing is to pick your slogan.  I opted for “Girls Just Wanna Have Funds”.  However, I’ve seen all kinds of cute ideas and sayings.  You could even go old school with “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned”.  Just choose something that will encourage you to save.

A trick I learned to get your sticker letters straight is to apply them to a ruler first.  Not the whole sticker, but just enough to where you can get the sticker letters straight on the bottom and evenly spaced.  You can also just do my favorite which is intentionally jumble the foam letter stickers so you don’t have to worry about them being straight!

Put thick foam stickers onto your mason jar before you spray paint the piggy bank.

Apply them to your jar.  In retrospect I should have used a bigger mason jar for this project, but alas this is what I had.  Make sure the stickers are pressed all the way down, especially on the corners.  Choose a sticker font that will be easy to read.

P.S. Want to try this same idea on some crafty planters for your plant lady addiction?  Pop over to DIY Network and check out my post called 3 Ways to Make Flower Pots With Words.  Same technique using glitter, spilled paint and gold spray paint.

Spray paint mason jar ombre after applying stickers.

Coat your mason jar with spray paint using several light coats.  I opted for ombre, because ya know – why not.  Make sure the paint gets in all the cracks of the letter stickers.

TIP: I learned the hard way not to get paint inside the jar.  You need the jar clear so the letters really pop.  Spray paint mist inside the jar makes it harder to read the letters once you remove the stickers.  Maybe cover the opening with clear plastic wrap first.

Mason jar bank DIY by Jennifer Perkins

While the paint is still wet, not super wet just not totally dry – remove the foam sticker letters.  This is the magic part where your words will be revealed onto your new ombre mason jar bank.  You may need to go and clean up the lines a bit if your paint ran behind your stickers.

At this point if you want to cut a slit in the mason jar lid in order to drop money in, go for it.  I figured how hard is it to unscrew a lid.

How to make a DIY mason jar piggy bank by Jennifer Perkins

What will you be saving up for?  What is your favorite slogan about saving?  I’m currently saving up for a family vacation!

What’s that you say?  You want another DIY rainy day fund ideas?  How about a DIY Piggy Bank Made From a Shadow Box Picture Frame?  I’ve got you covered with this episode of DIY This With Jennifer Perkins.


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