Gift Basket Ideas for Kids

Gift baskets seem like the kind of thing managers get sent for doing a good job in corporate America.  Somehow they have this sterile/elderly connotation to them.  When you think about it, why wouldn’t kids enjoy getting gift baskets for gifts as much as anything else?  It’s like a Christmas stocking but different. Check out these fun gift basket ideas for kids.

How to fill a gift bag for summer.

Gift Basket Ideas for Kids

How to fill a garden themed gift basket.

This past spring I did a post for DIY Network entitled 15 Themed Easter Baskets.  I realize Easter is over (or far away, depending on how you look at it) but many of these baskets would be great as gifts for any time of the year.  Find me an aspiring gardner that would not love this gift box filled with everything they need to tend to get busy in the dirt and not in front of a screen.


Kids everywhere are graduating this week, why not give them a gift basket?  This basket was filled with a tween in mind and includes a skateboard, Duck tape, headphones, socks, body spray, water bottles and more.  Stores like 5 Below, Dollar Tree and the travel sized aisle of most places are perfect for filling baskets.


Earlier this spring I shared a tutorial for making Dinosaur Eggs.  These little babies are the perfect handmade touch to add to a prehistoric themed gift basket for your favorite pint sized paleontologist.  Coloring books, puzzles, small toys, figurines and more are all perfect gift basket additions.


If you’re like me and go to a million kid parties a month, give gift baskets a whirl.  They work for everyone princesses, artists, super heroes, animal lovers – pick a theme any theme and fill that basket with fun.

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