Geeks, Freaks & Entrepreneurs at Maker Faire & in Fortune Small Business Magazine.

I love Fortune Small Business Magazine. I love Elle, Bazaar and Dwell too – I just so happen to also love business magazines. In October 2008 I was approached by a reporter from Fortune Small Business Magazine about doing a story profiling some of the people at Maker Faire. I think she thought I was being facetious when I exclaimed how much I loved the magazine. Fortune Small Business is an offshoot of Fortune Magazine specializing in small businesses and entrepreneurs. Not always directly relevant to the craft industry, but I can almost always take something away that is applicable after reading an issue. I told the reporter to assure her I was not blowing sunshine up her butt that I taught a series of classes on running a small business and I always recommend the magazine and often bring my past issues to pass out to the class. So for her to ask me if I was interested in doing an interview with my sister Hope Perkins for the magazine I was more than happy! Here is a scan of the goods, but be sure and pick up a copy of the February 2009 issue to read the full scoop and check out what the other Makers had to say.

Are you starting to think to yourself that maybe you should be picking up a few business magazines along with those fashion and craft magazines at the book store to help further your Etsy store, boutique or web site? It’s not a bad idea, making cute things is only half the battle. I also recommend Inc. Magazine which I had a small blurb in last year. This is magazine is similar to FSB and relates to many of the same issues and often times covers edgier and more Indie businesses. The last issue I picked up had the Threadless guys on the cover. Another magazine that I often pick up used at the Half Price Book Store is Pink. Pink is also about business, but all about female run businesses. Interesting articles and entrepreneurial profiles make this magazine worth a looksie.

Do you have any favorite business magazines? I know some can be like watching paint dry, but some can get you all riled up!

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  1. Heather

    Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll have to check those out.

    Oh man, I miss Half Price Books! (And Pappadeaux, but that doesn’t relate to this blog!!)


  2. Vermont Bear

    Congrats on the picture! I remember working the booth with Jeff that day while you went to have this pic taken….the smell of sawdust and barnyard animals from the previous week’s rodeo and the sounds of “Iron Man coming from the cherrypicker behind us still linger…


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