Fun Valentine Ornaments With the Kids

Easy kids Valentine ornament.

Did you really think that I didn’t have a Valentine’s Day tree up this year to show you?  Come on, I’ve got two plus a wreath!  Over on the Treetopia blog (sponsored) there are more pictures of my trees and you can watch my Valentine home tour on DIY This With Jennifer Perkins but today I’m sharing these fun Valentine ornaments I made with my kids.

It all started with a Christmas ornament clearance sale.  I saw these shiny hearts and knew they would be perfect for Valentine’s Day tree.  I gathered pompoms, sequins, beads, pins, glue and got ready to make kitsch magic.  Check out my tutorial on Vintage Beaded Christmas Ornaments for more details.

Not only did I make ornaments, my kids did too.  My son especially beams with pride when I hang his creations up as part of my holiday decor.  Hearts with faces, what’s not to love?!?  FUN FACT: Anytime I am making a craft there is almost always a mini version of the same craft happening next to me with kids.  Making these fun ornaments was no exception.

Not all of them have faces.  Some are some with layers of felt, pompoms, stickers, beads and sequins.  There is really no right or wrong way to make these.  The only thing you need is an ornament with a styrofoam base.  You can always wrap styrofoam balls in fabric strips too.

The one’s my kids made are of course my favorites, but then again I’m a little biased.  I think it’s so important to include your kids in the holiday decorating.  Sometimes it seems more obvious like Christmas, but when you have a tree up for every holiday like I do there is almost always an ornament opportunity.

Be sure to stop by Treetopia to see my other Valentine’s Day tree and enter our Share the Love contest.

***Please note this post was sponsored by Treetopia.  I am their brand ambassador so I was paid and compensated.  HOWEVER, I loved trees and kids crafts long before I was paid to.***

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