Fruit Inspired Tin Foil Art For Kids

Foil and fruit are a match made in crafty heaven!  I am so excited to share a project with you from my new book Easy Arts and Crafts for Kids: 50 Fun Projects to Make, Share and Wear and yup – foil and fruit are involved!  Sure, the title implies that this book is for kids, but who doesn’t love shiny pictures of citrus, textured watermelon seeds and 2D kiwi?  Fun for the whole fruit and foil loving family – I bring you the Rooty Tooty Fruity Foil Art project.


Tin Foil Art – What Is Hojalata?

Let me give you a brief historical culture lesson.  Hojalta is a Mexican folk art made with tin.  Traditionally tin is stamped, painted, pierced and cut into decorative works of art.  The Rooty Tooty Fruity Project is an homage to this amazing craft with less sharp and more easily accessible materials.  In other words, nobody can cut themselves and you probably already have tin-foil in the kitchen.

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Easy Arts and Crafts for Kids: 50 Fun Projects To Make, Share and Wear

I just can’t wait for you guys to get your hot little hands on a copy of Easy Arts and Crafts for Kids: 50 Fun Projects to Make, Share and Wear. If you know me, you know I love a good kids craft.  Here are a few of my favorites…

Honestly, I feel like most of the projects I make could be tweaked to work for kids, tweens or adults.  My 11 year old closely supervised the projects inside, I’ve made plenty of these ideas on my own and my 6 year old nephew could make most of these with a bit of help.


That shiny watermelon looks good enough to eat!  After trying foil art I kinda wanna make all the shiny things and you will too.  I have a feeling giant jewelry will be following this project shortly.  Stay tuned!

Supplies for making foil art with kidsTin Foil Art Craft Supplies

I’ve created a handy dandy Amazon List with ALL the supplies from the Easy Arts and Crafts book!

  • Canvas Board
  • Hot Glue
  • Tin Foil
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Permeant Markers
  • Pencil or Pen

You could also use a piece of cardboard or wood as your canvas.  Just make sure that whatever you use will not melt when using a hot glue gun on it.

Watermelon drawing for foil art

Draw Your Design On Canvas

So here is where you decide to go fruity or not.  The one thing to keep in mind is that you want to keep the graphic you choose pretty basic and universally recognizable.  Hence why I went with fruit slices for my tin foil art.  Here are a few other examples of crafty fruit slices so you can see how well they work…

However, geometric shapes, monograms, donuts, emoji’s and whatever your brain can come up with will work.  Draw it on the canvas with a pen, pencil, marker – whatever ya got.


Draw With Hot Glue

If little kids are doing this mom and dad might want to help with this part.  Using a hot glue gun trace the design.  Try and make sure the glue stream is the same height and thickness throughout but remember it’s a craft project so perfect is not a thing.

Emboss the Tin Foil

After the glue has cooled use a spray adhesive and coat the art work.  While the glue is still dry place a piece of tin foil on top.  With the eraser of a pencil gently emboss the foil so that it sticks and the raised parts of the glue begin to shine though.  Take care not to press so hard that you tear the tin foil.


Color In The Embossed Tin Art

Using permeant markers color in the image.  The parts that are raised from the hot glue can remain silver to differentiate the sections. However, if you want to color them as well you do you!


Rooty Tooty Fruity Foil Art

Alliteration and I should get best friend charms.  Like really – but that name pretty much sums up this fun foil craft project.  Hojalata with a colorful kitschy wink and a smile

Rooty Tooty Foil Art

A Peak Inside the Pages of Easy Arts and Crafts for Kids

Here is a sneaky peek inside the pages of the book!  There are 49 more projects to keep you and the kids entertained PLUS variations, side bars and witty banter.  Ya, you are going to want a copy of Easy Arts and Crafts for Kids: 50 Fun Projects to Make, Share and Wear for the witty banter alone.  


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