From Jumbo Sized Easter Egg to Adorable Geometric Planter

How to Recycle plastic Easter eggs into a planter.

I love sticker resist projects, especially when they help me find a way to use up all those plastic Easter eggs I have lying around.  Not only is this sticker resist technique crazy easy, like this recycled jumbo sized plastic Easter egg planter I made for DIY Network, there are tons of options.  No really, you are only limited by paint colors and sticker shapes and most times I cut my own stickers.  So go grab that jumbo sized plastic egg the Easter bunny brought and let’s do this.



  • Jumbo sized plastic Easter egg
  • Cotton laundry line
  • Foam sheets (sticky)
  • Scissors
  • Neon pink spray paint
  • Glue
  • Hanging basket fixture


Using glue (hot glue, Tacky Glue, Gorilla Glue) wind your laundry line around half of your egg.


Use scissors to cut sticky back sheets of foam into triangle shapes.  Apply in a random pattern to your rope wrapped egg.

How to make a DIY egg planter.

Step 3

Take your egg outside and spray that sucker down.  You can use plain old spray paint or something like Color Shot that is just for fabric.  Allow to dry completely.

How to add a geometric pattern to a planter.

Step 4

Once the paint is dry remove and discard your foam.

How to make a geometric sticker resist hanging basket.

Step 5

My egg already had holes in the sides where the two halves came together.  I bought hanging baskets from Home Depot and “stole” the hardware from them.  I attached the chain to the hanging basket.

DIY Geometric Planter Made from a Jumbo Easter Egg.

Step 6

You are all done.  Hooray and stuff!  I told you that was easy.  Now go steal the eggs away from your children and get crafty.  Remember I have a slew of fun Recycled Easter Egg Ideas over on DIY Network.

Want to try some other sticker resist crafts?  Let’s chat…..

How to make a comforter using a DIY sticker resist technique.

If you are painting something like bedding or shower curtains I recommend using fabric spray paint like Color Shot.  Outdoor things like planters, regular spray paint is fine.  This is a sea scape themed comforter I made for eHow.

How to make coasters that look like lemon slices.

I’m a big fan of using cotton laundry line in my crafts.  They make great coasters like these lemon slices I made for I Love to Create.  You might have noticed them on the jumbo egg planter too.  I’ve used laundry line to make bowls, wrap vases and even painted tribal designs on it.

DIY Sticker Resist Shirts.

Foam stickers come in so many shapes and sizes like ocean life, letters and my favorite outer space.  This is a fun space T-shirt I did for my son over on I Love to Create.

How to make a zebra print shower curtain.

Even plain old packing tape works.  Check out the zebra skin shower curtain I made for I Love to Create.

Have you ever tried any sticker resist crafts?  Tell me everything.  Is there another technique I need to know about?

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