Frighteningly Fun Essentials for a Kid’s Halloween Party


Hey have you heard the rumors that I like Halloween and throwing over the top parties for kids?  Believe them, they are true.  A successful party is a lot more work than store bought cupcakes and party store goodie bags.  Kids want activities, they want games, they want treats with edible eyeballs.  Luckily Tuesday Morning stores has all of those things and more.

Kids Halloween party on Tuesday Morning.

Head over to the Tuesday Morning blog and get my full scoop on all the Frighteningly Fun Essentials You Need to Throw a Halloween Party.  Also be sure to follow Tuesday Morning on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.  If you want to find your nearest Tuesday Morning store check out their handy dandy locator.

***Yes this is a sponsored post.  I was compensated and given free product.  However, just look how cute that product is.  As always I wouldn’t blog about something if I didn’t like it or really shop there.  All opinions about Tuesday Morning are my own.  Just ask the employees at the one by my house, they practically know me by name.***

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