Fossil Rim Wildlife Center – Safari Adventures for Kids in Central Texas

People forget not only how big Texas is, but also all the different regions.  You could travel within Texas and go to mountains, cities, beaches, natural springs and more.  At least this what I told my kids when it came to spring break travel.  Why should we jet off somewhere when places like the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is right down the road.

Hungry emus to feed at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Fossil Rim is great to visit, but even more fun if you stay onsite in one of their cabins.  We stayed in the adorable Foothills Safari Cabins right inside the park.  Like the watering hole was just over the fence and prime for wildlife spotting.

Fossil Rim night time adventures

The cabins are small with two single beds and a cot, but that was fine for me and my two kids.  My sister and her two children joined us in another cabin.  Pack plenty of evening time fun like glow sticks, telescope and flash lights because there are no televisions or much Wifi.

Feeding giraffes at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Another added bonus to staying onsite in the cabins (besides the yummy continental breakfast) is that you get an early morning guided tour of the whole park.  Fossil Rim is a drive-through safari park.  However, that means someone drives while everyone else has fun feeding animals.  The tour let us all enjoy the animals and go off the beating path from the rest of the visitors in their own cars.

An Arabian Onxy at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 entity, specializing in captive breeding programs for indigenous and exotic endangered and threatened species.  This is a gemsbok in the background.  We also saw cheetah’s, brushed goats, hand fed giraffes and got REALLY close with some emu.  Again, I can’t recommend the open air bus tour that comes with the cabins enough.  They supply the food and the tour guides were so nice and informative.

Feeding emu's at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

About an hour outside of the DFW area, Fossil Rim is definitely worth a visit.  My kids keep asking to go back.  We spent two nights in our cozy cabins. The second day was spent exploring the nearby Dinosaur Valley State Park, City of Granburry (thank you Babes for being peanut free) and maybe a couple of thrift stores for the moms. Definitely worth the trip.


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