For Craft Sales, the Recession Is a Help

My friend Kurt sent me this intersting article from the New York Times entitled For Craft Sales, the Recession Is a Help. Pictured is Etsy vendor Dennis Anderson pouring soap into molds.

If you run a crafty biz were your sales up this year? Business or not did you find yourself making and buying a lot of handmade gifts this year due to the economy? My friend Courtney made my puppies dog treats, Erin whipped up amazing Blueberry Preserves, my mom is sewing me curtains for the nursery, Hope is painting me a picture and I love these gifts even more because they are handmade.

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  1. Austin Nicole

    Hey Jennifer! Thanks for sharing the article. I’m sure all crafters in business are thrilled to see such positive results in such a difficult economic time.

  2. Leslie

    Hey Jennifer! Happy Holidays to you and yours! This season was NON-STOP for me in my Etsy shop, friends and family, co-workers and at the craft fairs…..I over did it a little, as I under-estimated my jewelry business. I bit off more than I could chew, but I got thru it! The only downfall was that it left me a little haggard and grinchy about Christmas in my own home! I am ready to take the

  3. Elaine Elwick Barr

    Hi Jen,

    Well, the crafty corporate company that I work for is going under..but my personal craft is tremendous. This year is bonkers..and I’m hoping the next year will be too! I’ve been making homemade gifts ever since I started stamping, but I totally diversified this year..crocheted a scarf, stenciled t was a blast! Homemade and functional..heaven. 😉


  4. Condo Blues

    I don't run a crafty buiz, (although given the feedback I've had to some of the projects I've posted on my blog that may change) but I did make and receive a few more handmade gifts this year than during past Christmases. The economy & green leaning may have swayed my decision to make & give almost all handcrafted stocking stuffers this year but I usually do a combination of

  5. Jody McGill

    And I thought it was my dirty little secret? You hit the nail on the head, Jennifer! I can’t remember a more fruitful holiday season in the fifteen years of my hand-made jewelry biz. The tables seem to have turned and the little guy is getting a nice slice of the pie for a change. I actually had customers thanking ME because they were so excited to be giving a hand-made artisan crafted piece.


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