Food Allergy Awareness Crafts


This is Food Allergy Awareness Week, so I’m doing my part to let people know the crafty way.  As scary as food allergies can be, bringing awareness to them does not have to be. Crafts are fun, crafts spread a message, crafts can get a serious point across in a not so serious way.

Did you know 15 million Americans have food allergies?  My son Baxter is one of them.  There is probably one in your kid’s classroom, as 1 in 13 kids now has a food allergy.  Some, like my son’s, are life threatning.  Sunbutter is the peanut butter alternative we use in my nut free home. I thought what better way to let people know about Food Allergy Awareness Week than to let Baxter know that he is the Sunbutter to my jelly.

Pop over to the I Love to Create blog to see the cute T-shirt I made for Bax.  Fabric paint and a shirt is all you need.  On the BlogHer site I am showing off the fun sign I made for Baxter’s bedroom.  How are you going to bring awareness to food allergies this week?


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  1. Marci Ellsworth

    Your son is growing up so fast and a real cutie!
    Sorry to hear about the food allergy.
    Thanks for sharing!


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